10 Best Free Wedding Planning Spreadsheets (Updated for 2021)

Here are 10 of the best wedding spreadsheets to help you plan, budget, and organize one of your most memorable, beautiful, and joyous days.

When you’re getting married, there’s so much to keep track of.

From guest lists to seating arrangements to vendors to having to actually stick to a budget, there’s so much stress trying to crack you throughout the wedding planning process.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of helpful wedding planning spreadsheets! Whether you need an overarching view of your big day or really want to dive into the nitty-gritty of your numbers, we’ve compiled ten of the best wedding spreadsheets to help you plan a perfect day.

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1. Free Wedding Budget Template by Katie Jakub

When she was a bride-to-be, Katie Jakub was extremely budget-conscious. She knew that sticking to a budget didn’t mean she had to sacrifice a beautiful wedding, though. So she created a spreadsheet that logged everything as she prepped for matrimony:

  • Wedding budget
  • Addresses for invitations
  • Seating chart
  • Vendor contact sheet
  • List of photos she wanted on the big day
  • Day-of timeline
  • Music plans for the DJ
  • Items that needed transport on the wedding day or before
  • A cute countdown clock 

The best part of this spreadsheet genius? Jakub decided to share her wedding budget template for free with Femme Frugality audiences. 

2. Free Wedding Budget Template by Offbeat Bride

Wedding Planner Spreadsheet

Offbeat Bride also offers a fantastic, free wedding budget template. While you won’t get Jakub’s DJ page, countdown clock or transport list page, you will get the addition of a hotel block comparison page, a point-of-contact list, a venue comparison chart and a packing list. Under the “File” menu, make a copy in order to edit your own version.

Both spreadsheets are comprehensive; which you end up using will ultimately depend on your personal wedding planning goals.

3. Free, Interactive Wedding Planning Spreadsheet

After the Wedding provides a free, interactive wedding planning spreadsheet that features some of the same highlights as the Jakub and Offbeat Bride Spreadsheets. If you’re the kind of spreadsheet user who would appreciate in-document linking, eliminating the need to scroll through all your pages every time you need to look at a new data set, you’ll appreciate the ease-of-use of this spreadsheet. 

If your wedding is happening after 2020, though, its calendar function may need to be rewritten, which will require some Excel skills.

4. Wedding Budget by a Professional Wedding Planner


Bridal Musings’ wedding expert also runs her own wedding planning company: Always Andri Wedding Design. If you want to see which budget line items a professional thinks are important, you’ll want to check out the free wedding budgeting spreadsheet Andri shares on the wedding platform. 

5. All the Wedding Planning Spreadsheets

A Practical Wedding doesn’t just hook you up with a wedding budget spreadsheet; it presents you with an entire suite of free wedding planning spreadsheets including:

  • Complete Wedding Workbook for Formal Weddings
  • Complete Wedding Workbook for DIY Weddings
  • Wedding Checklist
  • Wedding Budget 
  • Vendor Contact List 
  • Guest List
  • Day-Of Timeline
  • Photography Shot List
  • And more!

You can check out all the options in the suite here.

6. Simple & Free Budgeting Worksheet

If you’re looking for a simple budgeting worksheet without all those other bells and whistles, a great option to check out is this free wedding budgeting worksheet from Brideside. After you input your projected and actual expenses, the larger details should auto-fill, making seeing the big picture a breeze.

7. Bridal Checklist Spreadsheet

If you have no idea where to start with your wedding planning, you’ll want to check out the free bridal checklist spreadsheet from Castle Hall Creative. It gives you helpful tips about your timeline as far as a year out to as close as a week out. It will keep you on track as far as tasks go, but you’ll need a separate spreadsheet if you want to create an in-depth budget. 

You can find the bridal checklist spreadsheet here, along with a spreadsheet for your day-of schedule and a vendor comparison list spreadsheet.

8. Wedding Venue Comparison Spreadsheet

The venue will be one of your largest wedding expenses, so making a careful comparison of costs can save you a lot of money. The Budget Savvy Bride has you covered with a free venue comparison spreadsheet which she used herself as she planned her own wedding.

9. Everything but the Budget

If you’ve already found your dream wedding budget spreadsheet by this point in the list, but still want to plan all the other little details, the Wedding Planning Spreadsheet from My Spreadsheet Lab may be a good fit for you. It is basic in its suggestions, but allows you a lot of freedom in customization. You’ll be able to set your own parameters for the various events you have to plan and the tasks you’ll have to complete to make everything happen. You’ll also be able to log all contact info for your guests, and get them set up in your seating chart. 

You can get this planning spreadsheet here

10. Create a Wedding Budget with Tiller Money

If you’re already loving your Tiller Money Sheets, you don’t have to get used to an entirely new system while you learn a new budgeting spreadsheet. Instead, you can simply make a copy of this category page and insert it into a normal Tiller Money budget spreadsheet for free.

From here, you’ll be able to track expenses, plan future spending and identify areas where you can save or cut back. 

If you’re not yet a Tiller member, check out all we can offer you. Then come back and get your free wedding category spreadsheet.

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