10 Ways Tiller is 10x More Powerful Than Mint

It's time to graduate to Tiller, the most flexible, powerful, and private personal finance service – one that will never leave you stranded. 

Mint was a gateway to personal finance for millions. But now it’s time to graduate to Tiller, a more flexible, powerful, and private tool – one that will never leave you stranded.

Like Mint, Tiller automatically brings all your finances together in one place.

But instead of tracking your financial life in a propriety app owned by a software company, Tiller stores your transactions and balances in your personal Google or Excel spreadsheets.

Tiller also includes easy templates for tracking budgets, expenses, debt, net worth, savings, and more, along with tools for automatic categorization, a daily email summary of your recent finances.

Here are the top Tiller features praised by people who recently switched from Mint:

You Own Your Data – No Exports Required

Tiller Money Feeds 4FPS

When Mint’s shutdown was announced, millions of people suddenly realized they needed to  export their transaction history. And while Mint offers an export option, it requires you to download every transaction each time. You then need to import and clean your data in a spreadsheet or other tool.

Needless to say, this process is a chore for people with years of data. 

However, with Tiller your spending, balances, and budgets are always updated and stored in your own private spreadsheets.

And if you stop using Tiller, that’s where all your data remains. There’s nothing to backup or export – unless you want to. 

Tiller is the only service that automatically tracks your financial life in Google Sheets and Excel. 

Note: To simplify getting your Mint data into a spreadsheet, Tiller offers a free CSV importer for Google Sheets

“Moved to Tiller after Mint notified of discontinuation. Wish I had known about Tiller earlier, would gladly have switched to such a superior tool.”

Chad Abney, Google Review, ★★★★★ Jan 5, 2024

Create Your Own Custom Transaction Categories

Transactions Dark

Even people who loved Mint expressed frustration with its inflexible categories. Lack of flexibility in general was the biggest complaint about Mint.

With Tiller, you can easily add, remove, and edit all your transaction categories.

In fact, Tiller provides the most customizable transaction categories of any personal finance service. Some of Tiller’s customers have just three categories, others have a hundred or more.

Beyond categories, you can organize transactions with tags and groups.

“Prior to Tiller, I used Mint, and I love Tiller’s flexibility far more.”

“My favorite part is creating my own categories and groups. I don’t have to keep ‘mandatory’ categories I don’t use. I highly recommend Tiller to anyone who doesn’t like the box Mint puts you in.”
Donnita Mennealy, Google Review, ★★★★★

 Learn more about categories and Tiller.

Budget Your Way With Dozens of Free Template and Options 

Customize Your Spreadsheet Budget

Mint’s simple budgets were appealing for those new to budgeting. However, advanced users often said they felt limited by Mint’s way of budgeting. 

With Tiller, your budgets can be as simple or complex as needed. Tiller’s Foundation Template offers easy monthly and yearly budgets. 

If you want something simpler, you can use a template from the Tiller Community like the Monthly Budget Calendar. Set a spending target and see what’s left to spend each day of the month. 

For a more detailed budget, try a rollover, envelope, or X budget. Or build your own custom budget powered by Tiller Money Feeds. 

“I used Mint for 7 years. I wish I had switched much sooner.”

“I have my own Excel budget I incorporated into Mint customized to my needs. With Tiller I was able to port it over in about two hours. I’ve incorporated over 10,000 transactions seamlessly. I can now accurately modify description and accurately categorize with drop down boxes. I am amazed at the difference in the amount of time between Tiller and Mint required to maintain my accounts.”
Brent Walker Google Review, ★★★★★ Jan 2, 2024

Powerful Automatic Categorization 100% Based On Your Custom Rules 

The auto-categorization algorithm frustrated many of Mint’s users, finding it often chose the wrong category and ignored manual overrides. 

Unlike Mint, AutoCat from Tiller precisely categorizes your transactions 100% based on your rules. You can create rules based on the description, the bank, the amount, or other criteria. It’s the most powerful and customizable auto-categorization engine of any personal finance service. And it’s the only auto-categorization tool for Google Sheets and Excel. 

AutoCat interprets your rules flawlessly every time, keeping your financial data clean so you can focus on the big picture. And you always have the option of keeping partial or full manual control of categorizing your transactions. 

“Having all my data in a highly flexible system I control is much more to my liking than Mint.” 

Tom Brown, Google Review ★★★★★ Dec 24, 2023

Helpful User Community 

Visit Tiller’s active user community to ask questions, talk about money, share inspiration, and discover new Community-built templates and workflows. There are dozens of forum posts about Mint. For example, one community member built a powerful Mint-style spending and income dashboard, which you can download free. Others provide housekeeping tips for moving your Mint data into a Tiller spreadsheet. 

If your question isn’t already answered there, go ahead and ask it – you don’t have to be a Tiller customer to join in!

“Mint refugee and man do I wish I had known about Tiller sooner.”

“I now have so much control and can change things to fit my specific financial situation perfectly. There are so many Community Solutions people have already created, so you won’t have too much to customize. I love how much power I have now compared to Mint.”
Glen Eckerman, Google Review, ★★★★★ Nov 25, 2023
Investment Spreadsheet

Mint was a capable expense tracker, but it lacked tools for deeper planning and forecasting. 

Tiller allows you to easily analyze all your finances using spreadsheets, the most trusted and powerful financial analysis tool. You can easily dive into your finances, perform advanced analysis, and generate custom reports.  

Anything you can do in a spreadsheet, you can do with Tiller, all while eliminating tedious data entry and multiple account logins. The Tiller Community provides dozens of templates that offer powerful ways to go deeper. 

“I’ve been using Tiller for several months (after trying Mint, Quicken, and Simplifi) and it’s by far the best I’ve found for managing transactions. Having my data under my control is lovely. You can use additional features (like AutoCat and Spending Trends), or you can totally nerd out with your own scripts, charts, summary sheets, etc.”

Rich Feit, Google Review, ★★★★★ Jan 5, 2024

Powerful Collaboration 

Tiller Shared Finances

Both Google Sheets and Excel include powerful, secure collaboration features. Tiller leverages these tools so you can easily share your spreadsheets, invite others to collaborate, and even budget remotely with real-time chat. (Plus you can easily roll back changes if someone breaks something.) 

From managing shared expenses to working with your bookkeeper, financial planner, or tax preparer, Tiller has the best collaboration tools of any personal finance service. 

“Tiller is the most robust financial budgeting and planning tool for families.”

“I spent months trying to find something that would meet our needs, and I’m very happy I found Tiller.”
Brian Flaherty, Google Review, ★★★★★ Jan 10, 2024

Top-Rated Customer Support

Customers rave about Tiller’s US-based customer success team. You can see the positive reviews in Tiller’s 4.8-star rating. We’re here to answer your questions and keep you moving forward. 

“Tiller has been a wonderful tool to find out where our money is actually going. “

“The support and documentation is outstanding. The Tiller help and Tiller community is robust! I’m very happy with Tiller and encourage you to try it!”
Nancy Burns, Google Review, ★★★★★ Nov 24, 2023

No Ads

Tiller is not venture-funded. We don’t sell your data or show ads. We’re proud to be solely supported exclusively by customer subscriptions. Your transactions and balances aren’t statistically aggregated by Tiller or third parties. And we’ve negotiated special terms with our data aggregator to prohibit them from mining your data.

Tiller Privacy and Security Promise 

“I’ve used Tiller for 3 years.  I love the flexibility and community resources to track anything you want.”

“I like that I can set up my categories any way I want.  I like that my spreadsheets are mine forever. If I quit or they shut down, my data remains accessible, unlike another program I used that became obsolete.  I’ve been very happy with Tiller.”
Vicky Knapp, Google Review, ★★★★★ Nov 8, 2023

You Always End Up in a Spreadsheet Anyway

Budget Category Tips

Spreadsheets are the most trusted financial tool around kitchen tables and in corporate boardrooms around the world.

Prior to Tiller, regardless of their preferred financial tool, we found most financially engaged people also used a spreadsheet. So why not build one source of truth with your own private spreadsheet, automatically updated each day!

You will never outgrow a spreadsheet. We love hearing from Tiller customers who have been using spreadsheets for over a decade, helping them navigate some of the biggest personal and professional decisions in their life. Tiller is focused on bringing the power of financial spreadsheets to everyone, delivering financial clarity with less effort.

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Your card isn’t charged until the end of your trial, and you can easily cancel anytime. You keep any data and templates you download during your trial.

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