Multiple Finance Worksheets With Tiller Coming Soon

Since the beginning, we were curious to know what everyone was going to do with their Tiller spreadsheets. The humans at Tiller don’t usually see our users’ spreadsheets, but we love hearing stories. Occasionally users share screenshots or their entire spreadsheet with us, and it’s inspiring to see and learn about how people have crafted their own financial planning worksheets.

Solving your financial riddles

People come to Tiller to solve lots of problems. As a starting point, we provide users with our basic template, which helps users understand where they’re spending. Our vision has always been that users would be able to choose from many different templates, focused on different riddles from monthly budget spreadsheets to retirement planning to saving more of your income. Some of these templates may come from Tiller, others will come from partners and users.

We’ve long been fans of Stacking Benjamins, and we know many of their users love Tiller because the podcast featuring Tiller was one of their most popular. So it made sense for Stacking Benjamins to help us kick off our new template feature. This January Stacking Benjamins is offering a course focused on saving half your income, and they’ve built the course around a new Tiller template called Save 50. Read more about it on our blog here.

Different spreadsheets for different money management perspectives

Currently, it is only available to new users (because so far we only support one spreadsheet per user), but that’s about to change. Soon we will roll out support for many spreadsheets per user, and when we do, you’ll be able to try out different finance spreadsheets inspired by users, partners, the team at Tiller… and yourself.

Want to create a sheet to track your expenses? Maybe another to manage a shared account with a business partner? And a third for your family budget spreadsheet? That will all be possible with Tiller.

Want to help us test out this new feature?

If you’re interested in being an early user of this new feature, email Similarly, if you have a spreadsheet you might want to turn into a template to share with the Tiller community, we’d love to hear from you too.

We’re excited to be teaming with Stacking Benjamins on this and you can read more about how their Save 50 Course evolved on our blog here.

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