Now Supporting Multiple Tiller Finance Spreadsheets

From the beginning we’ve enjoyed hearing from people who want to tell us what they do with their Tiller Sheets. Tracking spending, pulling out work expenses, sharing finances with a distant family member, or managing cash flow for a new business venture. People come to Tiller for a variety of reasons, and they all value having their data, updated daily, in a powerful finance spreadsheet.

So far Tiller has been just a single spreadsheet. You create a Tiller account, you get one sheet to use as your finance worksheet, and that’s your Tiller experience. Period.

Today that all changes.

We’re excited to now support multiple Tiller Sheets (up to five). Each Tiller Sheet can be mapped to a unique set of your financial accounts. You can help your child track spending with a shared Tiller Sheet that is linked to his or her joint checking account. You can have your work-related credit cards go into another Tiller Sheet. Perhaps you have a third sheet, shared with your spouse, that pulls your spending data from every account.

Create up to five tiller sheets
Create up to five tiller sheets

The sky’s the limit for your finance worksheets

Mix and match. Create new sheets. Build something to meet your needs. You’re not limited to a single automated financial spreadsheet anymore. It’s many Tiller Sheets for any purpose you can dream up.

Have a new idea or want to do something different down the line? You can always start over and create a new Tiller Sheet. Each sheet populates with all of your original financial data dating back to when you signed up for Tiller. Regardless of what you’ve done to the data in an existing sheet, when you create a new sheet we’ll populate it with your original bank data.

Create a finance worksheet for all of life's various money management needs
Create a finance worksheet for all of life’s various money management needs

What money management needs do you have?

As we grow this feature, you’ll soon see more template options to choose from when you create a new Tiller Sheet. If you have an idea for a template you would find useful, let us know. Some of our new templates will be from friends of Tiller. If you’ve built a financial spreadsheet that others might find helpful, and you are willing to share the idea, we’d love to hear from you.

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