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Stay Informed About Data and Collaborator Updates to Your Tiller Sheet

It’s easy to collaborate with others on your finance worksheet.

It’s even easier to see what changes have been made by your collaborators. (That includes the feedbot too!)

You can even get notification emails every time a change is made to your money management worksheet.

These features are built into Google Sheets. The Tiller Dashboard takes it a step further by allowing you to see exactly when your financial accounts were accessed by Tiller and manage your preferences for a daily or weekly email digest of newly added transactions.

Let’s explore the ways you can stay informed about changes and updates to your Tiller Sheet.

Google Sheets Revision History

Any time a change is made to your Tiller Sheet (Google Sheet), they are recorded in the revision history. Reviewing the revision history is a great way to see the last time the Tiller feedbot updated your sheet with new transactions. You can also check this history to review changes made by collaborators.

From the “File” menu of your Tiller Sheet choose the “See revision history” menu item to open the revision history sidebar. The revision history log will appear on the right side of the sheet and you’ll see the latest changes highlighted in your sheet. The color of the highlight corresponds to the person (or account) that made the change, which is also indicated in the revision history sidebar. Click any revision in the list to select it and see what changes were made. After selecting a revision click “restore this revision” to revert back to that version of the sheet.

When the feedbot updates your Tiller Sheet the whole sheet is edited because new rows are added to the bottom and then the feedbot sorts the whole sheet to display the newest transactions at the top.

You can click the “show more detailed revisions” button at the bottom of the revision history sidebar to see more revisions. For example, if you categorize a transaction and then a moment later decide it should be categorized differently those are two separate revisions. Clicking the “show more detailed revisions” option will show you both of those revisions whereas the less detailed revisions view (default view) will only show the final revision after you changed your mind about the category.

Google Sheets Change Notifications

If you want more immediate and automated alerts about changes, rather than finding out by reviewing the revision history, you can turn on Google’s notifications for your Tiller Sheet. With your sheet open, from the “Tools” menu select the “Notification Rules” option. From here you can set up notifications to receive an email about changes to your Tiller Sheet. From the “Notify me at…” selection you’ll want to choose “Any changes are made” and from the “notify me with” setting you can either get a daily digest or get an email right away.

Google Sheets notification settings

Be aware that if you choose to get an email right away, you’ll get an email every time the feedbot comes along and adds new transactions to your Tiller Sheet, which can be several times per day. It’s also really handy if you’d like to know when your collaborators are making changes. The email will indicate who made the change and includes a link, which allows you to quickly access your Tiller Sheet.

Email notification about changes to your Tiller Sheet

The Tiller Recent Activity Log

From the Tiller Dashboard at you’ll notice an area called “Recent Activity” near the bottom of the dashboard. Click this area to expand the Recent Activity log, which shows the interactions that Tiller has with your financial accounts and your Tiller Sheet. It will indicate when the Feedbot checks for new transactions at your bank and tell you how many transactions were added to your Tiller Sheet on a per sheet basis. It will also add an entry if there is an issue connecting to one of your accounts. It’s a convenient way to get an overview of recent updates to your Tiller Sheet.

The Recent Activity log updates you on changes to your finance worksheet and interactions with your financial accounts.

Tiller Email Preferences

Another great feature of Tiller that helps you keep tabs on your sheet updates are our daily and weekly digest emails. You can turn these on or off from the Tiller Dashboard by expanding the “Email Preferences” area. If you opt into the Daily Digest you’ll get an email each day that includes a list of all new transactions added to your Tiller Sheet and the current balance for your linked accounts. The Weekly Digest gives you the total number of transactions added for the week with a quick link to your Tiller Dashboard. It also features a weekly story from the Tiller Blog.

You can also opt in to receive emails about account errors. These emails will alert you any time Tiller has trouble connecting to your financial accounts.

Receive Daily and Weekly emails from us about your Tiller Sheet

We strive to help you stay informed about changes to your finance worksheet and Tiller combined with the powerful tools built in to Google Sheets does just that!

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