Introducing the Tiller Help Center

We’re launching our knowledge base, the Tiller Help Center. You’ll find information about how Tiller connects with your financial accounts, resource guides, and more. 

We recognize that part of having good support means allowing our customers to find answers to questions themselves, and making that information readily available and easy to search. Today we’re announcing the launch of our knowledge base, the Tiller Help Center.

When you navigate to the Tiller Help Center at you’ll notice a big search bar at the top. Here you can find answers for many of your questions about Tiller.

You’ll find tips on collaborating with your Tiller Sheet, a guide for building a monthly pivot table, details about all the Transaction tab columns the feedbot can populate into your sheet, and much more.

Our help center will be an evolving library of knowledge, and we appreciate your feedback. If you ever have a question that’s not answered here, or other feedback about Tiller, you can always reach us through the chat icon in the lower right corner of the help center or

Tiller's Knowledge Base
Tiller’s Knowledge Base

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