Tiller Add-on for Google Sheets

Tiller Add-on for Google Sheets

Heather Phillips
August 19, 2016

When you’re into the details of tracking your spending, you realize that the trip to the grocery store might have been for more than groceries.

Perhaps $25 of that $70 purchase was a charitable donation at the register.

When that $70 transaction comes into your Tiller Sheet you know that it wasn’t just “groceries”. You want to split part of that transaction into new row with a different category.

Lucky for you that process just got a whole lot easier. We now have a Google Sheets add-on available for splitting transactions. It eliminates the manual process of adding a new row and fumbling around with the details.

Simply select a row, choose Split transaction from the Tiller add-on, update the details and voila! You’ve got two (or more) new tidy rows for categorizing your transactions accurately.

Click here to get the Tiller add-on. We’d also love to hear your feedback on this ad-on. Please reach out to us via the chat window with any suggestions or questions.

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