What is the Best Personal Finance Budgeting Service?

Tiller just won the FinTech Breakthrough Award for the best personal finance budgeting service and we couldn't have done it without all of you! 

A panel of a dozen industry veterans, journalists, and seasoned investors gathered to award the FinTech Breakthrough Awards last week. This award celebrates the best in finance technology. And…

We’re ecstatic to share that Tiller just won the FinTech Breakthrough Award for the best personal finance budgeting service.

Tiller wins best personal finance budgeting service. Tiller wins best personal finance budgeting service.

What? Tiller winning an industry award alongside companies like NerdWallet and Quicken?

Absolutely! Because of all of you, that’s exactly what just happened.

Customer stories are the heart of Tiller

You, our customers, have used Tiller in ways we couldn’t have imagined. You’re managing your spending, tracking your net worth, organizing work related expenses, breezing through tax season, tracking your freelance work, and staying in control of your money.

Not only are you keeping your finances organized, but you’re also accomplishing your goals and making headway on the financial fitness marathon. You are getting out of debt. You’re saving more. You’re putting away money for that new home or college. You’re giving more. You’re aligning your spending with your values.

You’ve also shared the word with friends. You’ve given us ideas for how to improve Tiller, and you keep emailing us with amazing stories about Tiller that make us smile. (Have a story to share? Reach us at support@tillerhq.com).

This is just the start.

The Tiller team is hard at work on new features that expand the scope of what we’re doing and how we’re helping people take control of their money. We are also working to better support more banks with more timely data.

It’s the first of May, spring is here, and Tiller is blooming. Thank you, all of you! We’re still at the beginning of this marathon, and we can’t wait for what’s ahead.

Peter Polson, Tiller Founder

Peter loves designing great products and creating tools and systems that help people live better lives. He was a founder and president of Junxion (acquired by Sierra Wireless) and later CEO at Dashwire (acquired by HTC). He enjoys most activities around mountains and water, especially skiing and hiking with his family. His kids gasp in amazement at the pennies he can magically pull out of their ears.

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