Removing Accounts From Your Tiller Console

Removing Accounts From Your Tiller Console

Heather Phillips
July 30, 2017

Perhaps you have a loan account that you’ve finally paid off, but it’s still showing on your Tiller Console and you don’t want to see it there anymore. You might have asked “how can I remove a linked account from Tiller? I paid off a loan and I don’t want to see it listed in my Console anymore.” We’re happy to announce the release of our long awaited account removal feature. You can remove individual accounts from an institution or remove all accounts to remove the entire institution.

When you’re logged in to your Tiller Console you’ll see a configure button (it’s a little gear icon) next to each account listed in your Account Summary. Click this gear and you now have two options. Update your login (for updating account passwords, fixing errors, etc) and the “remove account” option.

If you choose to remove an account, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you truly want to remove it. If you want that removed account to re-appear later, just use the Add Accounts button and go through the process as if you were adding the institution for the first time. Removing an account will not remove any existing data in your Tiller spreadsheets for that account. Be sure to read through this help article about removing accounts before choosing to do so.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to support by using the chat icon in the lower right corner of our website or by emailing if you have any questions or feedback about this feature.

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