5 Articles About Love and Money

5 Articles About Love and Money

Edward Shepard
February 14, 2018

Today is Valentine’s Day, but the topic of love and money is timeless.

To celebrate, we brought together five posts about love and money, sharing expenses, and planning a bright financial future with the one you love.

Research consistently finds that couples who talk about money are happier than couples who avoid the topic. Couples who budget together are the most likely to say they’re “extremely happy” in their relationship. Why not talk about your shared financial goals over a budget-friendly but delicious bottle of wine today? “Spreadsheets and Budgets Are the New Chocolates and Roses

If you want to hugely increase the odds of achieving your financial goals – including saving toward a goal, or paying off debt – share those goals with a partner. Why you should team up to reach your goals. 

Communication about money is one of the strongest indicators of long-term relationship satisfaction. But it’s not the only financial habit of happy couples: values, planning, and collaboration are also key. Here are the 5 Financial Habits of Successful Relationships

Speaking of collaboration, the collaborative nature of Google Sheets makes them perfect for couples who want to track expenses, manage shared goals, and understand how they’re using their money.

Here’s a workflow example and free Google Sheet template for couples who want to manage shared expenses, but don’t necessarily want to share all their bank accounts. It’s a modern world. Mingle accounts or keep them separate.  How To Use A Spreadsheet To Manage Shared Expenses.

And here are 3 Awesome Google Sheets Collaboration Features that you’re sure to love.

Bonus: What makes couples who met online spend so much more on Valentine’s Day versus couples who met in “real life?” Take a look at the data.

“Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache” – Mae West

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