Tiller Budget on Stacking Benjamins Live

Personal Finance Podcast

This Thursday, Tiller founder Peter Polson was on Stacking Benjamins: Money in the Morning Facebook live show to catch up with host Joe Saul-Sehy, and to demo the new Tiller Budget. 

It was a fun and lively program. The audience chimed in with several great questions and observations. For example, Kimberly D. asked “How do people track household and grocery expenses for places like Walmart and Target where both are purchased at the same time?”

Audience member Mitchell W. answered “We gave up after about 5 months of trying to split them and just put them together. That one little thing cut our budgeting stress and time by 25%.”

Other comments:

  • “How does this Tiller spreadsheet compare to YNAB?”
  • “Excited to learn all about Tiller, spreadsheets are my thing”
  • “Good clean look. My spreadsheet problem is that I over-engineer and create a time-trap for populating. This looks helpful.”

See more in the archived Facebook live video below. And then subscribe to Joe’s popular and highly entertaining podcast Stacking Benjamins at the link.

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