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Talking Finances and Family on the Marriage, Kids and Money Podcast

Personal Finance Podcast

The most recent episode of the Marriage, Kids and Money podcast featured two things we love:

This episode was inspired by a question from a listener named Paul:

“I’ve been into personal finance and financial independence for years. I often have family and friends that approach me about investing and other personal finance topics. 

Money can be such an emotional topic and evoke feelings of shame or guilt. It can also be a very overwhelming topic.

How can I speak with people in my life about financial independence, investing and money without alienating or overwhelming them?”

Elle Martinez of the Couple Money podcast joins host Andy Hill to answer this question from multiple points of view. A fun and helpful conversation.

Featured guest Peter Polson then talks about his journey from leading wireless communication startups to founding Tiller, along with his passion for personal finance and helping people feel confident about their money so they can live richer lives.

The Marriage, Kids, and Money podcast has the great tagline “Strengthen your family tree. Live financially free.” It’s a newer podcast, but you wouldn’t know it from listening now. We can’t wait to see how it grows. Listen to this episode and subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotifyYouTubeGoogle Play or Stitcher.

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