2FA Account Status Now Available in the Tiller Money Console

As banks increasingly mandate two-factor authentication (2FA), Tiller Money is introducing new tools to make re-authentication easier and more seamless.

Tiller Money is committed to working closely with banks and other financial institutions as the financial industry innovates with new, more secure standards.

We strongly agree with banks that increasingly require two-factor authentication (2FA) because it keeps accounts secure and offers customers peace of mind. 

As new 2FA integrations are introduced, many customers are required to frequently re-authenticate accounts to keep their data flowing into their financial tools and services (like Tiller Money).

We’ve heard from countless customers that this is frustrating and impacts their experience with Tiller Money. Indeed, we feel your pain as we deal with the same annoyance. We listen and take our customers’ feedback to heart. 

While the financial industry is working toward standards to solve this issue, Tiller Money is introducing new tools to make account reauthentication easier and more seamless. 

Today, we’re launching a brand new Account Summary on the Tiller Money Console 

We hope these changes will make it easier to identify which institutions are connected, quickly see the most recent refresh date, and easily spot which accounts need your attention for 2FA or a password update. 

Tiller Money 2FA

We’ve also enhanced the way refreshes are initiated on the Tiller Money Console

You can now initiate a refresh for all accounts with a single click. You can also refresh one account at a time. You can also now edit account credentials or enter a 2FA code at the institution level, rather than at the individual account level. 

We’ll continue to improve our feeds experience

We’re committed to making the account refresh experience the best it can be and are excited to continue rolling out further improvements to the new Account Summary and the rest of our service in the coming months. 

Banks are also working to improve the experience

Over the next year more banks will be moving to new architectures that will provide the security benefits of 2FA while not requiring trusted services like Tiller Money to keep asking for 2FA codes. 

Read more about how the new Account Summary works on our Help Center. If you have feedback or run into issues with any of the new Account Summary features, reach out to support@tillerhq.com to let us know.

Heather Phillips

Heather Phillips

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