3 New Google Sheets Add-ons for Your Personal Finances

Top Google Sheets Add-ons for personal finance to make your regular financial management workflows more efficient (and fun).

Still organizing your personal finances for 2018? It won’t surprise you that we recommend spreadsheets for the job.

They’re powerful, flexible and infinitely customizable. Tiller Money runs on Google Sheets, and here we suggest a few Google Sheets Add-ons for personal finance that might make your regular financial management workflows more efficient.

Transaction Splitter Google Sheet Add-on for Personal Finance

Tiller’s very own Transaction Splitter add-on allows you to divvy up your purchases across multiple categories. For example, when you’re shopping at Costco that $175 might not be only for groceries. The Tiller Transaction splitter allows you to quickly grab that transaction in your Tiller-powered Google Sheet, divide up the amount into the correct sub amounts and then categorize each one right from a single screen.

Read more about the Tiller Transaction Splitter Add-on.

Cryptofinance Google Sheet Add-on

If you’ve invested in any cryptocurrencies and want to track the performance of those this is the add-on for you. “Returns the exchange rate and other data between 1,448 crypto-currencies and 31 fiat currencies.”

Read more about Cryptofinance in this Medium

Size My Sheet Google Sheet Add-on

As you may still be playing catch up on getting things organized for 2018 perhaps you’re wondering what to do about your financial spreadsheets. We shared some tips for getting your finances organized in the new year and one add-on that helps with this is our Size My Sheet Add-on. Google Sheets has a limit and there are numerous ways you can hit that limit quicker than you might expect.

Read more about the Size My Sheet Add-on

BONUS! AutoCat

Automate your category workflow with the Tiller Labs AutoCat add-on. Create a customized rule set based on your spending categories and actual financial data to have your transactions automatically categorized in your Tiller-powered Google Sheet.

Review the Getting Started with AutoCat help article on the Tiller Help Center.

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