Start Your New Year With 30 Days of Financial Wins

Tiller Money invites you to join a free 30-day challenge that will help you make new money habits and gain financial clarity for your year ahead.

Turn your financial resolutions into habits that stick

Despite best intentions, most New Year money resolutions fade by February. That’s because they’re focused on big outcomes rather than small steps that develop into lifelong, winning habits. And when it comes to money, financial engagement is the most winning habit of all. This challenge is designed to help you achieve that habit.

What this challenge will help you achieve in 30 days:

  • Your finances will be organized in one place
  • You will have identified key financial goals
  • You will successfully track recent spending
  • Your financial tracking will be automated
  • You will have clarity about your cash flow
  • You will have found ways to save money
  • You will create your own custom budget
  • You’ll know more about your money mindset

How it works

The challenge kicks off December 28, 2020. It recommends simple workflows using Tiller Money’s Foundation Template for Google Sheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds and AutoCat.

Once the challenge begins, you’ll receive a series of emails every few days with a daily checklist and inspiration to keep you on course.

And you’ll be invited to join others on the journey in the Tiller Money Community.

Foundation Template Cafe

How to sign up

We have currently paused the challenge, but hope to resume it in the future!

The Best Personal Finance App Isn’t an App

What’s included

+ 10-part email course starting 12/28
+ Encouragement from the Tiller Money Community
+ Foundation Template from Tiller Money
+ Free Tiller Money trial

Complete Personal Finance Platform Google Sheets

About Tiller Money

Only Tiller Money automatically updates Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with your daily spending, balances, and transactions from over 21,000 financial sources. Track everything in one place, always know what’s safe to spend, and confidently plan your financial future. 

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