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A Free Heat Map in Google Sheets for Team Decision Making

This free Heat Map for Google Sheets allows groups of people to rank and vote on a list of competing priorities, goals, or initiatives.

It provides a simple color-coded visual summary that reveals group alignment and energy.

This tool is useful for any group that needs to make team decisions – from startups to non-profit and church groups and even for families.

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At Tiller, we use this heatmap to evaluate consensus on development priorities. It’s perfect for our remote team since it’s based in the cloud on Google Sheets. (We also use the $100 Test spreadsheet.)

How the Heat Map Works

In the example heatmap, a ten-person team is voting to rank the top ten features they’d like to see implemented next in an app they’re building.

“1” is the highest vote. Since there are ten options, 10 is the lowest vote. Top votes are automatically color-coded dark to light blue.

With this simple tool, a team can quickly can rank and see:

Customize to Your Needs

This Google spreadsheets is yours to edit, copy, and share. Because Google Sheets is endlessly flexible and customizable, you can easily modify it with your own categories, colors, and fonts. You might even add smarter formulas and charts.

We’d love to see what you make with it. Email and share your design. We’ll even feature it on our blog if you give us permission.

Get It Here

You can open a copy of the heatmap in Google Sheets here.

When you open the spreadsheet as a copy, you’ll need to click “Make a copy” to add the file to your Google Drive. You can then see and freely edit the spreadsheet.

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