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Tiller is the only service that automatically updates Google Sheets and Excel with daily spending, transactions, and balances by connecting them directly to banks, credit cards, brokerages, and 18,000 other financial sources.

Tiller is built by a nine-person remote team based in Seattle, Washington. Together we’re applying our diverse skills to making financial spreadsheets faster, easier, and more accessible for everyone.

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Peter Polson

Peter Polson


Where: Winthrop, Washington

Favorite thing about spreadsheets: Infinite flexibility.

Peter has spent his career focused building innovations that better people’s lives. His first job was an internship in college with Microsoft Money as a program manager. After college he was an investment banking grunt in JP Morgan’s technology mergers and acquisitions group where he built endless spreadsheets. Two decades later, after many exciting roles in various technology companies, he created Tiller to merge these early formative experiences around finance and spreadsheets. Beyond Tiller, there’s nothing he enjoys more than spending time outside with his wife and two young boys.

Heather Philips

Customer Success Lead​

Where: Asheville, North Carolina 

Heather comes from a background of user experience design & customer support. She loves helping others learn, explore and discover better ways to use applications and products that improve their lives. When she’s not coaching customers on Tiller best practices, tweeting or writing blogs, she’s probably at a yoga class, out for a hike in the Blue Ridge, or off volunteering for a variety of non-profits.

Tim Johns


Tim is a seasoned engineer with a keen interest in data science. He’s been a founder or technical leader at several successful companies. When he’s not crunching numbers, Tim can be “found” somewhere in the Cascade mountains of Western Washington either pretending he isn’t getting his own family lost, or looking for other lost hikers by headlamp as a search and rescue volunteer.


Brasten Sager


Brasten enjoys applying his software engineering skills to build useful products and solve problems. He has worked with teams of all sizes building products from desktop applications to backend services to mobile apps. Favorite activities of his include taking his kids on various adventures around town and waking his family up early in the morning to watch the latest live SpaceX launch.

Tom Holman

Template Engineering​

Favorite thing about spreadsheets: Spreadsheets are nerdy (and so am I).

Tom is excited to use his extensive background in building software to help people gain a firmer grasp of their finances. He’s experienced in both developing software and seeing that customers receive the products and services they love. When he’s not working on the next template, he’s volunteering at a nearby Hospital, Sailing, Hiking a beautiful NW trail or flying any way possible.

Edward Shepard

Marketing Lead

Where: Burlington, Vermont

Favorite thing about spreadsheets: Best way to sketch out and model ideas. 

Edward loves bringing people together around great ideas. He has organized several large digital brand communities around fitness, parenting, and the science cinema new wave. 

Edward lives in the best place on the East Coast – Vermont. He’s an avid science enthusiast and loves outdoor adventures with friends and family.


Randy Hulett

Product Management

Over the past decade, Randy has led product design at companies large and small. He cofounded the company which launched the iconic Clover coffee brewer. His role at Tiller pairs his passion for spreadsheets to keep teams organized with his perfectionist personal finance impulses. Randy lives in Sevilla where he and his children jam to Pixies & Cure songs in their free time.

Krista Smith

Customer Success

Where: Atlanta, GA

Favorite thing about spreadsheets: Neat, organized, and visually pleasing

Krista believes in living life with intention. With her background as a financial planner and CFP, she’s passionate about supporting the incredible progress that results from aligning your money practices with what’s most important to you.

Krista balances her coffee consumption with a regular dose of yoga and enjoys getting outside with her dog, Charlie. She also loves art, warm weather, and planning future travels (in a spreadsheet, of course!).

Janelle Delfino

Product Management

Coming soon!

Calm Budget

Tiller's Advisors

Michael Horvath

Micheal Horvath

Michael is the co-founder of Strava, the favorite social network loved by millions of runners, cyclists, and triathletes. Prior to Strava he was a professor at Dartmouth College, VP of Operations and CFO of GlycoFi, and founder of Kana Software. Michael received a PhD in economics from Northwestern University and a BA in economics from Harvard University. He’s an avid athlete and biker, a passion that led him to his work today with Strava.

Alex Friedman

Alex was the CEO and chairman of GAM Holding, a leading global asset management firm investing over $150 billion in assets. Prior to GAM he was the CFO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Alex holds a JD from Columbia University School of Law, an MBA from Columbia University Business School, and a BA from Princeton University. Alex especially loves the mountains, whether high on a peak on a powder day or climbing in his favorite routes along Wyoming’s Teton Range.

georgiana laudi

Georgiana Laudi

Gia is a digital pioneer who put SaaS marketing on the map. As VP of marketing for Unbounce, she helped grow the company from $1m to $15m in five years with no major funding. Starting her career helping SMBs serve their customers online, she continues that focus in her work today as she helps tech companies build customer experiences people can’t live without. A graduate of Communications at Concordia University in Montreal, she also loves beach time with her young family in Hawaii.

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