About Tiller

We’re hard working people who care about how we spend our money. The important thing in life isn’t money. Actually, it’s the opposite. Money matters because life matters more. We want tools that give us control over our finances so we can get on with enjoying what really matters, like family and friends, a hike or a ride, a meal around a table with people we love.

We were frustrated by the variety of great tools to help us with our own personal finances. We felt the many bells and whistles limited our control with these other tools. In our work lives, we managed budgets and ran companies using spreadsheets. So naturally we found ourselves using spreadsheets to manage our personal finances. Despite their power, it was always a hassle to get our financial data into the spreadsheet.

Inspired to build better tools to manage finances, we started interviewing people; lots of people. We found many others were also frustrated by the personal finance tools available. Rich or poor, people hate not knowing where their money goes. Through these interviews, we also found a core group of people who were very engaged in managing their finances. Alas, they too were all using spreadsheets!

Rich or poor, people hate not knowing where their money goes.

All of this experience came together to create Tiller. We want to empower everyone to manage their finances with the control and flexibility of a spreadsheet. We make it easy, and we update each spreadsheet daily with the latest bank data. We’ve been amazed to watch what customers do with their Tiller Sheets.

If you’re not already a customer, join the movement. Take control of your finances so you can focus your energy on everything else that matters more.

Our Team


Peter loves designing great products and creating tools and systems that help people live better lives. He was a founder and president of Junxion (acquired by Sierra Wireless) and later CEO at Dashwire (acquired by HTC). He enjoys most activities around mountains and water, especially skiing and hiking with his family. His kids gasp in amazement at the pennies he can magically pull out of their ears.

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Heather comes from a background of user experience design & customer support. She loves helping others learn, explore and discover better ways to use applications and products that improve their lives. When she’s not coaching customers on Tiller best practices, tweeting or writing blogs, she’s probably at a yoga class, out for a hike in the Blue Ridge, or off volunteering for a variety of non-profits.

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Tim is a seasoned engineer with a keen interest in data science. He has been a founder or technical leader at several successful young companies. When he’s not crunching numbers, Tim can be “found” somewhere in the Cascade mountains of Western Washington either pretending he isn’t getting his own family lost, or looking for other lost hikers by headlamp as a search and rescue volunteer.

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Brasten enjoys applying his software engineering skills to build useful products and solve problems. He has worked with teams of all sizes building products from desktop applications to backend services to mobile apps. Favorite activities of his include taking his kids on various adventures around town and waking his family up early in the morning to watch the latest live SpaceX launch.

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