About Tiller

Tiller is the only automated personal finance service built on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

People use Tiller to keep a clear view of their money in one place™, with everything customizable, flexible templates, strict privacy, and no ads.

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Why spreadsheets?

When we set out to build Tiller, we discovered that people who felt most confident about their finances had one thing in common – and it wasn’t wealth.

It was that they were all highly engaged with their money.

They tracked transactions, reviewed trends, and checked on the progress of their financial goals. And spreadsheets were the tool they used for the job.

That’s because spreadsheets are simple, private, and familiar. But more important, spreadsheets are endlessly flexible. They can be tailored for every stage of your unique financial journey.

So instead of building yet another app, our team focused on making spreadsheets faster, easier, and more accessible for everyday personal finance with automated finance feeds, easy templates, and dedicated customer support.

Today Tiller is a top-ranked personal finance service, with a 4.8-star Google Workspace rating from over 59,000 installations.

“If you love to crunch numbers in spreadsheets, Tiller may be for you. It’s intuitive to use”

Say spreadsheets give them more control over how they track their finances.

“This startup wants to bring back the spreadsheet.”

Americans use spreadsheets as their main personal finance tool.

“Spreadsheets + money = a sense of control”

Think spreadsheets are easier and simpler to use than the app they tried

Tiller’s team is driven by a mission to help people gain greater confidence and control of their financial lives, guided by the conviction that money matters because life matters more.

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Team Tiller

Tiller has been a fully remote team since day one. Tiller is headquartered in Seattle, and our team lives and works in California, North Carolina, Washington, Florida, Vermont, and Colorado.

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