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UI/UX Designer

Now Hiring: UI/UX Designer at Tiller

Tiller ( is a nimble, distributed company offering the only automated personal finance service built on Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Tens of thousands of people trust Tiller each day to navigate their financial lives and manage their money, their way. 

As a healthy and growing startup, Tiller is now investing in creating a distinct visual identity that reflects our values and the uniqueness of our product, which includes Tiller Money Feeds, flexible templates, daily account summary emails, and top-rated customer support. 

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer with a passion for building effective, efficient, and beautiful user interfaces for consumers, especially in constrained environments like spreadsheets. You will collaborate directly with engineers, stakeholders and others to take complex concepts and make them intuitive. You will help shape and strengthen Tiller’s brand and voice.

Your Responsibilities

  • Design consistent and delightful user interfaces for web as well as spreadsheet templates and plugins for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Utilize wireframes, static mockups, prototypes, and other tools to effectively communicate about and iterate on design concepts with the product and engineering team.
  • Take ownership of Tiller’s design language and lead the development of a unified design system.
  • Conduct user research and testing to learn from existing solutions and validate design decisions for new solutions and improvements.
  • Immerse yourself into the world of personal finance, understanding best practices broadly as well as the unique goals of our customers. 


  • Strong understanding of user-centered design principles and processes
  • A portfolio of UI/UX design work that showcases your approach to design
  • Strong proficiency in design software such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe Creative Suite
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • A passion for spreadsheets and personal finance is a plus
  • Proficiency with WordPress is a plus  

Position Details:

  • Full-time or ½ time employee, and contractors also welcome
  • Remote, US, or international overlapping with North American time zones

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Why Tiller?

We are small and growing, so you will have tremendous agency and outsized impact on our developing culture, the Tiller service, and the success of our customers

  • You will be surrounded by awesome, supportive colleagues who know how to have fun together
  • We have been fully remote from day one; work from anywhere
  • Our customers tend to stick around – we have one of the highest customer retention rates among consumer fintech services
  • Unlimited self-managed paid time off
  • Our team also sticks around, and we have uniquely high retention
  • You will be eligible for stock options and equity ownership
  • We provide health care coverage

Our Vision

We believe that money matters because life matters more. When we are in better control of our money we can align our money with our values, profoundly improving our lives and our community.

Our Values

Our core values are our superpower, allowing us to achieve outsized success as a small team.

  • We communicate directly and respectfully.
    • We perform best when we have abundant, direct, and respectful communication.
    • We speak up to seize opportunities and address challenges. 
    • We listen, stay curious, embrace humility, and work to be self-aware.
    • When communication isn’t working, we talk more and type less. 
  • We earn and extend trust.
    • We depend on trust rather than oversight as a team.
    • We rely on each other to make decisions in the best interest of Tiller.
    • We presume positive intent. 
    • We work to earn the trust our customers place in Tiller. 
  • We bias toward action.
    • Small teams like ours accomplish the most when we embrace velocity.
    • We take reasonably informed risks. 
    • We work to stay focused and aligned so we can move nimbly.  
  • We work to make a positive impact.
    • Through small and big choices, we make our customer’s lives better and fulfill the hope they place in us when they come to Tiller. 
    • We improve the lives of our team when we empower each other to do our best work in a supportive and productive environment. 
  • We embrace a growth mindset.
    • We choose to be rationally optimistic and to work hard, even when it is hard. 
    • We stay curious, ask questions, and seek help from others. 
    • Failure is an opportunity to learn.
    • Getting closer to customers always helps us learn and grow.