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Tiller is the first and only service that makes personal finance spreadsheets faster and easier with an automatic feed of daily finances directly into Google Sheets and Excel, with helpful templates to get started.

Tiller evolved from our frustration with personal finance tools.

They weren’t flexible or extensible enough for truly customizable money management.

We knew there must be a better way. So we interviewed many others about their approach to personal finance. And we discovered that the people most engaged with their money were using spreadsheets.

We loved and used spreadsheets daily. But we knew they could be better. Before Tiller, spreadsheets involved tedious manual data entry, data cleansing, and manual categorization. Tiller automates all those tasks, so people can focus on the financial tasks most important to them.

Today people use Tiller to budget, track spending, manage small and freelance business and taxes, get out of debt, monitor net worth, and more.

Why spreadsheets?

Choosing the right financial tool is an individual process. Most app-based tools have a set of specific features and restrictions.

The benefit of spreadsheets is nearly unlimited flexibility and control to view and use data exactly as you want.

It’s not uncommon to talk to people who have been using the same spreadsheet for more than a decade because it reflects the unique ways they think about money and their individual goals.

Who uses Tiller?

People who track everything

These users love Tiller because they love to track all the data in their lives. They might track their sleep, workouts, food, or miles driven. Tiller makes it easy to track their dollars just the way they want. This tracking leads to greater spending awareness and thus more opportunities to save and get more in tune with their finances.

Frustrated with other apps

These users come to Tiller after having tried other apps that left them frustrated. Maybe the other tools didn’t have the right reports or mis-categorized expenses. Tiller provides flexibility other tools can’t offer. Better data input means better reporting.

Spreadsheet fans

These users are already savvy with spreadsheets, and they’re ecstatic when they discover Tiller. They can organize their financial data just the way they want and build their ultimate personal finance dashboard, and it’s always updated with their latest data. #spreadsheetnerdsunite

Getting Started

Can I try Tiller?

Absolutely! Your first 30 days are always free. If you’re interested in being an affiliate, we’ll put you on our Free for Partners plan and we’ll continue to renew it annually as you remain an active affiliate.

Which template should I use?

The Standard Template is the default, and it shows some of the capabilities of Tiller and Google Sheets.

Can I build a template?

While we have developed custom templates for partners in the past, we are not currently developing new templates. That said, if you have an idea or concept you think we should hear, please do get in touch.

What if I’m not a spreadsheet user?

You don’t need to use spreadsheet to recommend them to your audience. Some customers use Tiller as their primary tool, others use it alongside another tool.

Tiller fills the gap between Mint or Personal Capital and a fully DIY spreadsheet. You may be excluding a large segment of your audience if you’re not offering a spreadsheet option.

Is it safe?

Tiller was created by a team of seasoned engineers with experience building enterprise solutions regularly audited by the chief security officers of Fortune 500 companies.

All customer data is secured with bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Tiller only has read-only access to accounts you choose to link. Tiller has no ability to move or transfer funds. Tiller also leverages the security built into every Google Sheet, a spreadsheet tool that is quickly gaining market share in the consumer and enterprise market.

Read more about Tiller Security.

Is my data private?

The Tiller team does not see your transactions or bank balances. Your data and your Google Sheet are for your eyes only. Read more about privacy on our website

Why isn’t Tiller free?

We want to provide our services to our users ad-free, without selling credit card offers, expensive advisory services, or user information. In doing so, we make money from our users, rather than making money by selling unneeded stuff to our users. Our users by and large receive a benefits vastly greater than our subscription fee, just ask them!

How to talk about Tiller

Your audience loves to know how you manage your money. If you use a spreadsheet, that’s a great story. How do you use it? What role does it play? How has it helped you manage your money and make progress?

Even if you don’t use spreadsheets, you might be surprised by how many of your readers and listeners do. Perhaps they use a spreadsheet for everything. Or perhaps they use a spreadsheet to calculate their net worth or do planning alongside another money tool. In both cases, Tiller makes it easier to do that job and more.

Show me the data!

Fair question, as we are in the business of data. We surveyed people (not Tiller users, but just people) nationwide using an independent research firm. We focused exclusively on people who previously used a personal finance app and are now using a spreadsheet instead. That responses even surprised us.

  • 92% of people who switched from a personal finance app to a spreadsheet believe they are now more aware of their spending habits
  • 89% of people who switched from a personal finance app to a spreadsheet say they now have more control over how they track their money.
  • 81% of people who use a spreadsheet to track their finances say they have better reporting options compared to whey they used a personal finance app.

Get more stats here

If you want a customer story from Tiller, read more stories here.

What about non-spreadsheet users?

Many of our customers have not actively used spreadsheets before. College grads, newlyweds, couples, retirees. Even 80-year-old grandmothers have fallen in love with Tiller. Our templates have supporting documents and even explainer videos to help new customers get started. There are also many resources on Google Sheets for beginners as well, including this resource page from Google itself.

Affiliate Details

How do affiliates work?

  • We pay for each new user who signs up and starts a trial using your affiliate link, provided that you are the first referrer.
  • We report to and pay active affiliates after the end of each month. We’ll also include you in a periodic partner email that includes tips and updates about Tiller. Fill out our affiliate application and we will contact you with current affiliate rates.
  • You can reach us with the chat icon on our website or at support@tillerhq.com.
  • You can also contact our marketing lead Edward Shepard anytime at edward@tillerhq.com

How do I sign up?

Please fill out this form and we’ll get right back to you: Sign up to be an affiliate

What does my URL look like?

Below is an example of an affiliate URL. The URL places a cookie on their device, and if they sign up for Tiller that day or in the future with that device, we’ll know you sent them to us. These tracking cookies expire 30 days after their most recent visit to Tiller’s website.


Can I modify my URL?

You have a unique combination of an offer ID and affiliate ID. The source at the end of the URL is something you can modify as you choose.

Each month, we’ll let you know how many subscriptions we received from each source string you choose to use. For example, you can create a source ID for your email campaign, one for your home page, one for your resources page, and one for an article you’re writing about Tiller this week.


What about reporting?

Our monthly affiliate reports show you the geographic location and time stamp of each customer who begins a trial combined with the source ID in the URL they first clicked to come to Tiller.

We send you a report in a (you guessed it) Google Sheet near the start of each month for the previous month. If you need mid-month data for a campaign you’re running, we can generate a report for you.