The #WinningWorkflow for February 2020 is an Envelope System for Google Sheets

Tiller Money is pleased to announce that the #WinningWorkflow for February 2020 is the "Envelope System," an envelope-budgeting solution for Google Sheets powered by Tiller Money Feeds.

The Tiller Money team is pleased to announce the inaugural winner of our Winning Workflow, a monthly contest recognizing user-created finance tools & workflows. 

Our February 2020 prize goes to community member Rich Scott with his Envelope System, an envelope-budgeting solution built for Tiller Money-powered spreadsheets.

In Rich’s solution, three powerful and intuitive actions drive the budgeting process: “Fund Envelopes”, “Clear Values”, and “Sweep Envelopes”.

Funding events are logged (and annotated if the user chooses) in the “Funding Transactions” sheet for a budgeting history ledger.

Further, the workflow introduces the concept of “funding templates”, where multiple user-configured funding allowances (configured in the Categories sheet) can be manually applied to multiple envelopes.

For example, when a paycheck is cashed, the user can apply a paycheck funding template that splits the paycheck to fund their envelopes. A separate template could fund envelopes (differently) based on a different income event.

As with any envelope budgeting system, there is a bit of a learning curve. That said, if you’re interested in envelope budgeting, we encourage you to have a look at Rich’s solution.

With his winning workflow, Rich wins a free year of Tiller Money and also a $200 Amazon gift card

Enter your #Winning Workflow

Each month, we award a free annual Tiller Money subscription and a $200 Amazon gift card to an exemplary solution shared in the Tiller Money Community.

The theme for March is mobile workflows

If you’ve built a custom solution for using Tiller Money on mobile, share it as a Winning Workflow with the Tiller Money Community.

If you want to try and build a solution, read “Tips for Using Google Sheets on Mobile with Tiller Money” for inspiration.

The winning workflow will claim a $200 Amazon gift card plus a free year of Tiller Money. To participate, review our submission guidelines.

We look forward to seeing what you all build and share in March!

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