Winning Workflows

April & May #WinningWorkflow Theme: How to Save With Tiller Money

Win a $200 Amazon gift card + Tiller Money subscription in the #winningworkflow challenge. April’s theme: saving money with your Tiller Money spreadsheets.

Each month or so, Tiller Money awards a $200 Amazon gift card and free annual subscription to a winning workflow posted in the “Share Your Solution” category of the Tiller Money Community.

For April and May, we’re looking for examples of how you use your Tiller Money spreadsheets to save money. 

Examples might include a Tiller Money workflow for tracking subscriptions and fees, or how you use Tiller Money to keep your spending under your projected budget. 

You can choose how you share your workflow: 

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  • Share a link to custom report or spreadsheet template
  • Post a video walkthrough of your sheet
  • Or publish a written overview and screenshots of your workflow 

Note that qualifying entries must be compatible with Tiller Money Feeds. All entries will be reviewed by the team at Tiller Money.

Share your #WinningWorkflow in this category as a new topic in the Tiller Money Community. The winning entry will be selected in early June.

Send us your best!

We’re looking for functionality, originality, and ease of use. Can’t wait to see what you share.

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