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Rebuild Finances Second Job
March 4, 2019

What I Learned By Rebuilding My Finances With a Second Job

I thought long and hard about getting a second job to get my finances on track, but for much too long my ego stood in my way. But as they say, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Financial Confidence
April 10, 2018

The Law of Unexpected Expenses (and Why an Emergency Fund Isn’t The Right Way to Plan for Them)

p>Some tips on expecting unexpected expenses - and why you need a plan for these outside of your emergacy fund. 

mr Tiller
March 13, 2018

5 Keys to Budgeting With Irregular Income

How to budget for irregular income: Big lump sum income, followed by zero income, is familiar to contractors, freelancers and commissioned salespeople. But even those willing to adhere to a budget struggle with managing their irregular income.

What My Partner Doesn't Know About My Money Habits
February 22, 2018

What My Partner Doesn’t Know About My Money Habits

I once racked up an insane amount of debt. To repay that debt, I relied entirely on budgeting. And when I began budgeting, it quickly became an obsession.  

man with sky in background
January 23, 2018

Shame Isn’t a Strategy: Rewire Your Mindset About Debt

Debt doesn't define you. Take the time to forgive yourself.  When your internal dialogue starts speaking to you negatively, try and interrupt it with a more positive message.

January 2, 2018

How I Tackled $77,000 of Debt in Only 22 Months

My consumer debt totaled $77,000. Interest alone cost $660 per month. I felt fear, shame, frustration, and exhaustion. But in less than two years, with razor focus (and a budget and second job) I paid my debt in full. My goal wasn’t just debt freedom: it was the vision of an incredible life.

December 11, 2017

6 Behavior Hacks to Help You Defeat Debt

Good news: your circumstance and personality don't need dictate your financial success. Wealth isn't a result of dumb luck; it's the result of learning, tracking, and adjusting behaviors.