4 Ways to Organize Your New Year Finances with a Google Sheet Powered by Tiller

Get prepared for a better financial journey in the New Year when you follow these tips for budgeting in a Google Spreadsheet powered by Tiller.

2017 is over and it’s time to focus on how to make 2018 a fantastic and productive year. When it comes to managing your finances spreadsheets are the most powerful way to do it. Tiller gives you the customizability of a spreadsheet plus a daily automated feed of your bank data straight to a Google Sheet.

If you’ve been using Tiller for a while you might be thinking, “do I need to do anything special to my sheet at the end of the year?”

We’ve put together this end of year guide to help start your 2018 financial journey off right.

#1 Install our yearly insights sheet

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We built a quick and easy Yearly Insights sheet to give you an overview of your money for the past year. Insights you’ll get with this sheet include a yearly cash flow summary, income vs expense chart, summary of yearly spending for each category, and a review of your top transactions descriptions sorted by total amount spent.

Learn how to set up the Insights sheet on the Tiller Help Center

#2 Clean up your sheet with an archive

If you don’t want to see your 2017 data in your Tiller spreadsheet anymore you can create an archive so that you can look back on your spending and budgeting from a previous year. Not only does it make the sheet a little cleaner, it’ll also maintain sheet performance. The larger a sheet becomes, the harder the background processes have to work and the more likely you’ll be to hit the Google Sheets’ 2 million cell limitation.

To see if your sheet needs an archive to first install the Size My Sheet Google Sheets Add-on to see how large your sheet is. If your sheet is halfway at the limit or closer to the limit we’d recommend archiving your sheet.

Learn about archiving a Tiller spreadsheet on the Tiller Help Center

#3 Start archiving your budget

If you’re using the Tiller Budget template there is an archive option available to make a historical record of your budget for the current period. The archive feature is handy when you want to go back and compare past budgets to a current budget. It’s a great way to check in on your spending and how well you’ve done with sticking to a budget from period to period.

Learn about archiving your budget on the Tiller Help Center

#4 Install AutoCat to automate your categories

AutoCat is our latest Google Sheets Add-on. It’s the easiest and most accurate automated way to categorize your spending data in a Google Sheet. After installing the AutoCat sheet via the add-on you’ll create a custom ruleset to have your transactions automatically categorized for you.

Get started with AutoCat

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