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This Free New Course Will Turn You Into a Google Sheets Master

Imagine if Yoda offered a free 30-day course designed to help you to upgrade your intermediate Force skills to full Jedi-mastery. 

Replace the word “Force” with “Google Sheets,” and you’ll see why we’re so excited for Ben Collins’ FREE new “Advanced Formulas 30 Day Challenge” Course.

This course is designed for intermediate users of Google Sheets who want to learn advanced formulas and unlock the full potential of their data.

It teaches 30 advanced formulas and techniques in 30 days, via  30 bite-size tutorials. You can take the course in sequence or jump ahead to the lessons you need now.

Ben Collins is one of the most respected authorities on Google Sheets. He has made numerous contributions to advancing the Google Sheets community. Along with his other premium courses, you can learn an enormous amount about Sheets from his blog.

The course features:

The course puts an emphasis on practice:

 “The best way to learn is to build stuff. You can read all the books in the world, but until you practice something for real yourself (and repeat, and repeat…) you won’t get where you want to go.”

Again, this course is free. Get it here. It’s your next step to Google Sheets Mastery.

The lessons of 30 days of Advanced Formulas:

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