Learn Google Sheets With the Best Free Course on the Internet

Learn Google Sheets with this epic free guide for beginners from expert Ben Collins.

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Ben Collins has just published an epic new 7000  word guide for beginners to learn Google Sheets.

This new guide is easily the best free resource for beginners to learn Google Sheets on the internet.

Ben Collins is one of our favorite Google Sheets experts. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, and he’s also an excellent teacher.

This new guide includes easy-to-follow text and animated GIFs to make learning easy and linear.  It’s broken down into six easy-to-follow sections. Moving from “total beginner” to “intermediate steps,” this is the most comprehensive free guide we’ve ever seen for Google Sheets.

And better yet, did we mention it’s 100% free?

About his new course, Ben writes:

This tutorial will help take you from an absolute beginner, or basic user, of Google Sheets through to a confident, competent, intermediate-level user.

Google Sheets is a hugely powerful tool, for everything from digital marketing to finance modeling, from project management to statistical analysis, in fact, just about any activity involving the recording and analysis of data.

And if you’re (relatively) new, it really pays dividends to learn how to use Google Sheets correctly. This tutorial will help you transition from newbie to ninja in short order!

 Sample GIF from How to use Google Sheets: A Beginner’s Guide Sample GIF from How to use Google Sheets: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re just starting out and want to learn Google Sheets, visit Ben’s site. 

If you’re already an advanced Google Sheets user, Ben also offers excellent premium and free courses to strengthen your skills.

How to use Google Sheets: A Beginner’s Guide

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