Monday Motivation on Transforming Your Financial Journey

Monday Motivation on Transforming Your Financial Journey

Heather Phillips
May 13, 2017

Here at Tiller we’re focused on more than making financial spreadsheets easy and automated. We hope to provide inspiration to our customers and fans about how small decisions shape their financial journey. We’re coming up on two years since we first launched our beta, and we’d like to share some of our most inspirational and motivational pieces from the Tiller blog around spending, values, family finances and how each small step forward is a win for your financial fitness.

This 1% Will Transform Your Relationship With Money

Using Tiller to track your finances is all about this 1%. In this post from New Year’s 2016 Peter shares some insights about how dedicating just a tiny fraction of your time can revolutionize your personal finance journey.

Does More Than One Really Make Life Better?

Our lives are filled with stuff. One pair of sunglasses in the car and another at the office. Half a dozen sports water bottles, but you can never seem to keep track of one. One more gift under the Christmas tree. Do we feel deprived if we can’t have more than one? Peter shares some insights on how more doesn’t really mean better.

Four Best Practices for Money Health in 2017

We’re nearly halfway through 2017. Are you checking in with your money management accountability partner? How are you doing on your financial goals? Are you focusing on the stress points or burying your head in the sand? Are you still focused? Review and check in on these four best practices for money health for the remainder of the year.

Reigniting Your Financial Fitness Journey Only Takes One Step

Maybe you checked in on those best practices and are feeling a bit overwhelmed or discouraged. Never fear! Financial fitness is not out of reach. Read more about how to make the best of where you are and take the next step forward to advance on this important journey.

Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom

Seems a bit counterintuitive, right? Well the key to financial freedom comes down to how and where you spend. We share the stories of two men, with two completely different financial outcomes, to shed light on how your spending determines your financial success.

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