Tiller Wins “Best Wealth Management Tool” 2018 Fintech Breakthrough Award

Tiller Wins “Best Wealth Management Tool” 2018 Fintech Breakthrough Award

Edward Shepard
May 2, 2018

Today we are proud to announce that Tiller was selected as “Best Wealth Management Tool” in the highly competitive “Wealth Management” category of the 2018 Fintech Breakthrough Awards.

This award recognizes Tiller’s technical achievement of automating Google Sheets with the only daily import of financial transactions and balances into a spreadsheet.

It also recognizes Tiller’s commitment to empowering individuals and wealth advisors with simple, streamlined access to financial data in a spreadsheet, for the greatest financial understanding and control.

At Tiller, we believe spreadsheets are powerful enough for any financial task and customizable for every stage of the financial journey.

The FinTech Breakthrough Awards program is the premier awards and recognition platform founded to recognize FinTech innovators, leaders and visionaries from around the world in a range of categories.

The 2018 FinTech Breakthrough Awards attracted more than 3,000 nominations from across the globe. Fellow 2018 winners include Western Union, Acorn, Varo, Chase, LendingPoint, Fundbox, Stash, and Charles River.

Read the official announcement here.

Tiller’s Net Worth Tracker for Google Sheets

An example of Tiller’s commitment to innovation in Wealth Management is seen in our Net Worth template for Google Sheets. This automated template is designed to combine speed and simplicity with the infinite extendability of a spreadsheet so people can understand their total net worth at a glance.


Tiller is the only service that automatically imports daily financial transactions and balances into  Google Sheets, with flexible templates to get started. Gain ultimate understanding and control of your money with the power of a spreadsheet, 10x faster.


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