A 60-Day Challenge to Help You Live in Line With Your Values

We often write about spending and whether it aligns with our values and priorities. In fact, the answer to that riddle defines our lives. We’re excited to announce the release of our latest template that guides us through an exercise to tune our spending and values: Values-Driven Budgeting (inspired by Carl Richards).

Powerful Columns for Personal Finance

Just because they’re hidden to the far right on your Transactions tab doesn’t mean they’re not useful. Learn about four lesser-known columns that are populated with some helpful data for your money management.

Importing Your Mint.com Transaction Data into a Google Sheet Spreadsheet

Our philosophy at Tiller is to pay attention to the future, not the past. When our time is limited, we have a much bigger impact focusing on today and this week rather than yesterday and last year. That said, if you really want to get that old data into your Tiller Sheet, we’ve added a new guide about importing Mint data. It complements our other guide on manually importing bank data