How to Quickly Categorize Transactions in Your Finance Worksheet

Have a large group of historical transactions that need to be categorized? Perhaps all those times you got gas over the past several months that Tiller pulls in when you first create a Tiller Sheet? We’ve got an quick and easy way to categorize that lump of transactions using the built in features of Google Sheets.

Which Template Should I Choose?

As you create new Tiller Sheets you might be curious about which template you should use. There’s no right answer and we encourage you to experiment with them all, but we put together a quick guide on how to choose a template. Read “Which Template Should I Choose?” on our blog.

How Tiller Changed My Personal Finance Perspective

The tools we use and the way we manage our finances determine our perception about money and the way we spend it. Heather shares her story about how Tiller changed her relationship with and perception about money and how she spends it.