Understand Your Weekly Spending With the Weekly Expense Tracker template

The Weekly Expense Tracker template is intended to help you build awareness around your spending by providing reports and dashboards for looking closely at your weekly spending.

Start with the Category Setup sheet to establish categories that align with your spending and values. Read more about how we recommend using categories in Tiller here.

The Transactions sheet will populate daily with your settled financial transactions. A base set of columns gives you a view of the most important details associated with these transactions. Categorize your transactions on this tab to build the data that fuels the reports on the other tabs.

You can modify this template to include your own columns or Tiller’s other support columns. Read more about Tiller’s supported columns here.

Overview of Included Reports

The Balances sheet provides a balance summary for all of your linked accounts.

The Category Charts sheet gives you a view of your spending for a selected category over a chosen period of time. It also provides a handy average of your spending over that time period.

The Category Detail sheet lets you dig deeper into your spending for a selected category and even shows the sum of spending for all categories for a given date range.

The Category Trends sheet shows your spending for all categories over the past five weeks and a glimpse at the relative trends within each category.

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