Budget Sheet Sample Data for Google Sheets and Excel

Here is a year of financial transaction data to use in your next project, such as a spreadsheet template, budget, or report you're building and want to share.

When you’re making a budget spreadsheet template or experimenting with budget models, you often need sample data.

Here at Tiller, many of us have become comfortable sharing our own transactions to show what’s possible in a Tiller-powered spreadsheet.

For example, I used my real Amazon order history to demonstrate how the Amazon Order History Importer works.

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But most people don’t want to share their personal financial transactions. And there are always a few transactions you want to hide (no judgment).

Since we’re constantly demonstrating, testing, and sharing example spreadsheets, we needed a way to easily generate dummy financial data. We also knew many people who use Tiller like to share the templates they’ve built for themselves.

So we created a couple of tools to make it easier to both anonymize your data and import sample data to build with.

Sample Transaction Data

Use the following bank transaction data in any project – spreadsheet template, budget model, report, or even an app you might be building.

  • The sample data in this Google Sheet includes a year of evergreen transactions and balances. It’s a versatile, complete set of data for almost any project.
  • Here’s a simpler sheet of sample budget data for Google Sheets
  • And here’s a simple sheet of budget sample data for Microsoft Excel
Tiller Money

Tiller Money

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