Budget Sheet Sample Data for Google Sheets and Excel

Budget Sheet Sample Data for Google Sheets and Excel

When you’re making a budget spreadsheet template or experimenting with budget models, you often need sample data.

Many of us at Tiller have actually become quite comfortable sharing our own financial transactions to share what’s possible in a Tiller-powered spreadsheet. (For example, my mini expense report spreadsheet from FinCon 18.)

But we also use sample financial data to test our spreadsheets. You’ll notice this income and expenses data is used in some of our template and product movies.

We decided to make this sample of financial transactions freely available to anyone who needs example bank transactions in their app, spreadsheet model, or reports.

It’s perfect for making a sample budget you want to share on the internet.

After all, most people don’t want to share their personal financial data.

Here’s the budget sample data for Google Sheets.

And here’s the budget sample data for Microsoft Excel.


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