Can Quicken Run on a Chromebook?

When people consider a Chromebook, Quicken is one of the first tools they seek. A better alternative is a cloud-based personal finance tool like Tiller Money.

Chromebooks are the computer of choice for an increasing number of people. 

That’s because Chromebooks are fast, reliable, and offer excellent value. You can happily accomplish almost any task with a Chromebook that otherwise would have required a much more expensive Mac or PC.

For everyday productivity tasks like writing documents, editing images, and communicating via email, Slack, or video calls, Chromebooks excel. (Pun intended –  you can use Microsoft Excel on a Chromebook).

I personally enjoy using a Chromebook for several reasons: 

  • It has a vastly better keyboard than my MacBook Pro.
  • Battery life is fantastic.
  • It’s more durable than my MacBook Pro.
  • It runs nearly every app I use perfectly, including Figma (graphic design), G Suite (writing, spreadsheets, email, etc), Slack, Spotify, and many more. The single exception is Final Cut Pro, but I’m going to experiment with cloud-based video editing tools in 2020. Also, Final Cut is truly overkill for the projects I’m currently working on. 

A Quicken alternative for Chromebooks

Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets

When people consider a Chromebook, Quicken is one of the first apps they look for.

For example, a recent thread on Reddit begins:

“I’m family tech support and I’m looking to wean an older relative off of Windows over to a Chromebook (for simplicity and security). The only application holding me back is Quicken.”

If you have a Chromebook that runs Android apps, you can run the mobile version of Quicken, available from the Google Play store

However, you need a Mac or PC to run the full versions of Quicken, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, etc.

Choose a modern, cloud-based tool for managing your personal finances

Chromebook Outside

Quicken is a great legacy desktop program.

However, if you want to use a personal finance tool that works perfectly on any Chromebook, or in any modern browser, consider using a Google spreadsheet template powered by Tiller Money. 

Tiller syncs with banks and automatically updates your spreadsheets with daily spending, account balances, and other finances.

Get started fast with the Foundation Template for Google Sheets. It combines tools for budgeting, tracking expenses, and reviewing financial trends in one easy spreadsheet template. 

Or instantly automate any Google Sheet (including custom templates) with Tiller’s daily finance feeds

Note: Tiller Money Feeds are also currently in beta for Microsoft Excel

The Tiller Money Difference

Net Worth Tracker for Google Sheets - Tiller Labs

The key difference between Tiller and Quicken is, of course, that Tiller is based in spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money are:

  • More flexible than any app or desktop computer program.
  • Easy to share with a spouse or financial planner at no extra cost.
  • Accessible anywhere you get online. (And available offline, too.)
  • Extendable with custom reports, add-ons, formulas, and many other tools.  
  • Yours forever even if you cancel Tiller’s bank feeds service. 

To learn more, read “Comparing Quicken to Tiller Money: 11 Things You Need to Know.” It’s a helpful, balanced perspective about how the tools stack up.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use Quicken, with links to resources for using Tiller instead: 

No advertising and bank-grade security

Tiller Money never shows you ads based on your private finances. Tiller never sells or shares your financial data. Everything is protected by the same 256-bit AES encryption used by banks. More about privacy and security here. 

Try Tiller Completely Free for 30 Days

The best way to see if Tiller Money can help you manage your finances on a Chromebook (or any device) is with a free 30-day trial. You don’t have to pay until the end of the trial, and you can easily cancel anytime. Learn more here.

To install Tiller Money for your Chromebook:

  1. Visit Tillerhq.com
  2. Sign up with your Google account. 
  3. Link your accounts.

Tiller will then hand you over to Google Sheets and the Tiller Money Feeds add-on.

Once Tiller Money is setup, simply open Google Sheets on your Chromebook anytime you want to access your Tiller spreadsheet.

Create as many spreadsheets as you need with feeds from all of your credit card, checking, brokerage, loan, savings, and other financial accounts.

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Edward Shepard

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