Bank Statement Reconciliation Spreadsheet

A simple spreadsheet to help you easily verify that all transactions shown on your bank statement are also shown in your Tiller transactions sheet.

About the Bank Statement Reconciliation Sheet

One key to keeping your finances in sync is verifying that all the transactions that appear on your bank statement are also available in your Tiller transactions sheet. Reconciling your bank statements helps flag checks that haven’t been cashed (yet), unexpected charges, and human & machine errors.

Tiller Community Solutions has developed two templates that assist in bank-statement reconciliation:

  • Statements: Use Statements to log, track and compare statements to grouped transactions in your Transactions sheet.
  • Statement Details: Use Statement Details to review a single statement and its associated grouped transactions in line-item detail. (Statement Details requires the Statements template.)

How to install this template

Start your free Tiller trial, set up your Foundation Template, then install this template with the free Tiller Community Solutions add-on for Google Sheets.

Tiller Community Solutions FAQ

Is this template free?

This is a free template created by a member of the Tiller Community. While it's free for anyone to use, it's designed for Google Sheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, it's recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

What is Tiller?

Tiller is the only automated personal finance service for Google Sheets and Excel. Tiller keeps all your daily spending, income, and account balances updated in your spreadsheets, so you can easily see where you stand at a glance and gain powerful insights about your money. Learn more →

Does this template have any dependencies or special requirements?

This template for Google Sheets works best when installed in Tiller's Foundation Template.

Have questions about this template?

Visit the Tiller Community with any questions about this template.

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