Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet

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This powerful sheet looks at your long-term cash flow.

Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet Template
Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet

About the Cash Flow Forecast Spreadsheet

This sheet looks at the long-term picture. Think years, not months. If you are looking for something that looks at the more immediate future, consider the Projected Balances LINK TK sheet.

Some of the benefits of using this sheet include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Baselines your cashflow with the current-year budget (other ranges can be used)
  • Outputs both chart and tabular data
  • Provides workspace to manually add life events (e.g. children going to college, retirement, etc) with starting/ending years, starting amounts, and growth rates
  • Life events can be activated/deactivated to run scenarios and quickly see long-term impacts
  • Ability to set growth rates for your core income/expenses and life events

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