Estimated Quarterly Tax Spreadsheet

The Estimated Quarterly Tax sheet is designed for estimating taxes on consulting, freelance, side hustle, and other small business income. Updated with 2023 tax rate data!

About the Estimated Quarterly Tax Spreadsheet

The Estimated Quarterly Tax sheet is designed for people who don’t have taxes withheld automatically from their paycheck. It’s beneficial for estimating taxes on consulting, freelance, side hustle, and other small business income.

  • Updated with 2023 tax rates
  • Automatically keep your tax finances organized
  • Effortless tax prep with everything in one place
  • See real-time estimates of state and federal taxes owed
  • Know when your next tax payment is due

Estimate what you’ll owe in real-time

See real-time estimations of what you owe for the quarter. Use manual adjustments to project liability for the year ahead.

See net profit & estimated tax detail by quarter

The Net Profit & Estimated Tax Detail by Quarter report offers a view of your quarterly earnings, spending, net profit, and estimated taxes. It also includes helpful reminders of reporting period date ranges and payment due dates.

Easily track income & expense transaction data

The Income & Expense from Transactions report provides a summary of business income and expenses based on categorized data in the Transactions sheet.

Profit & Tax Payments Summary

The Profit and Tax Payments Summary provides a quick view of quarterly net profit and estimated tax payments. The estimated tax payments are broken down by cumulative quarterly total, estimated federal and state payments, and the tax payments you’ve already made.

Business Income/Expense Category Detail by Quarter

See a breakdown of your spending and earnings organized by type (income vs expense), group, and categories.

Simple transaction categorization

See business transactions from your credit cards, bank accounts, loans, and other accounts together in one dashboard.

Categorize and tag business transactions in minutes, or use AutoCat to automatically categorize transactions based on your custom rules.

Easily track itemized deductions

The Estimated Quarterly Tax sheet defaults to the standard deduction based on your filing status. However, you can itemize your deductions by following these rules. Consult with your tax advisor on whether you should use the standard deduction or an itemized deduction.

  • See quick expense totals and spending for all business expense categories.
  • Track and estimate home office deductions, including rent or mortgage interest, utilities, and insurance on your office.
  • Track business mileage based on the IRS’s standard rate for the tax year.

Easily adjust income & expenses

Easily make manual adjustments to spending and earnings for accuracy

Share your tax sheet

Because the Estimated Quarterly Tax template is based in Google Sheets, it’s easy to share access with your accountant, tax preparer, and business partners.

Support & Documentation

  • View Tiller Community documentation for the Savings Budget Spreadsheet 
  • All Tiller Community Solutions are exclusively supported in the Tiller Community

Support & Documentation

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for ryan.n ryan.n says:

    I really appreciate this add-on and the article to go with it. I just installed it and went to my categories to start tagging and the Tag column only has dropdown options for Incom/Expense/Transfer. Could this be a conflict with a different Add-On?

  2. :wave:, @ryan.n!

    The Tag column is distinct from the “Type” column you’re referencing. Here’s the doc on how to add the Tag column that the Estimated Tax sheet needs.

  3. Avatar for randy randy says:

    Alert community-member @Juan, just flagged several issues with 2022 tax-year due dates. Those are repaired in the latest version of the template I posted this morning. You can update your copy (just be sure to preserve any manually-input data) using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

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