Monthly Analysis Spreadsheet

Use this Monthly Analysis sheet with your Tiller Foundation Template to visualize your budget, actuals, or remaining money organized by type, group, and category over time.

Use this Monthly Analysis sheet with your Tiller Foundation Template to drill down and visualize your budget, actuals, or remaining organized by type, group, and category, and get a comparative analysis of how your budget and spending have changed over time.


This is a free template built by a member of the Tiller Community. While it’s free for anyone to use, it’s designed for spreadsheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, it’s recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

Tiller is the only automated personal finance service for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Tiller automatically imports your daily spending, income, and balances in your spreadsheets, so you can see all your finances in one place and manage your money, your way. Learn more →

Unless otherwise noted above, this free template is installed with the Tiller Community Solutions add-on for Google Sheets. It's an easy way to browse and install dozens of free, prebuilt sheets for tracking budgets, debt payoff goals, net worth, savings, and more, all from the Google Sheets sidebar.

This template for Excel works best when installed in Tiller’s Foundation Template.

Visit the Tiller Community with any questions about this template.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for dkth06 dkth06 says:

    How can I look at both actual and budget for both.

  2. Avatar for randy randy says:

    Are you saying, @cdperez194, that the add-on stalls when you launch it on the welcome screen (which is dark blue)? Do you see any text? Usually, after a few seconds, the add-on moves from the welcome screen to a menu with options like Add a Solution.


  3. Avatar for randy randy says:

    I’m not sure I understand your question, @dkth06. Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do? Thanks.

  4. Avatar for randy randy says:

    Generally, getting stuck on that screen means the add-on has crashed. It’s possible there is an incompatibility with your spreadsheet that the add-on is handling inelegantly. Or… I just checked the logs and it looks like the add-on might have been a daily quota issue on 2/14 (if that is the last time you tried). Could you try again and let me know if anything has changed today?


  5. Avatar for Blake Blake says:

    @randy I have the same issue right now too. It is just on one sheet though. Another sheet works fine. I get past the initial screen but cannot get by the screen the says accept and continue. Blake

    So, I closed the side bar and tried the legacy splitter. The legacy splitter will not pull up but the side bar popped open so I went to the splitter tool there and clicked on it but nothing.

    I just did a 11 way split on a paycheck using the legacy splitter in another one of my sheets and it worked fine. Why do things work fine in one sheet but I have problems in another sheet with the same issue? I have been experiencing lots of little instability issues like this recently. Might there be some other underlying cause? Blake

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