Transaction Tracker for Microsoft Excel

Instantly see all transactions for a selected category with quick, prebuilt drop-down filters.

Instantly see all transactions for a selected category with quick, prebuilt drop-down filters.

Refine your filter to see transactions by category, month, or account. Combine filters for refined searches and customize your view to see exactly what you need.

All filters are optional and you can use them in tandem with each other. (Except for the date filter which will have priority over the month filters.)


  1. Verify Note column exists in Transaction sheet. Please go to your Transaction sheet and if you don’t have a Note column, please add it to the right of all other columns.
  2. Download the Transaction Tracker workbook 22.
  3. Follow these instructions  to copy the downloaded template into your Excel workbook and to connect the formula references to your local workbook data.

At this point your new template should be functional and linked to your local workbook’s data.


Simply select the filter you wish to use and your data will be reflected below, along with the total amount.
Two things to keep in mind:

  1. If you are putting in a specific date, that will negate the month filter.
  2. If you use this sheet on the web, the “Has Note” checkbox won’t work. If you wish to query transactions with a note, just type “True” in the field.

Questions and Feedback

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This is a free template built by a member of the Tiller Community. While it’s free for anyone to use, it’s designed for spreadsheets automated by Tiller. Additionally, it’s recommended for use within the Foundation Template.

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Follow the instructions above to download and install this Excel workbook or workflow.

This template for Excel works best when installed in Tiller’s Foundation Template.

Visit the Tiller Community with any questions about this template.

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