Compare Tiller Money vs Money in Excel

Compare Tiller Money vs
Money in Excel

Tiller Money is the Google Sheets alternative to Money in Excel, with more features, more banks, and better customization options.

Big Feature

Tiller Money Snapshot

Tiller Money is a “personal finance platform for Google Sheets with fast, automated transaction updates, plus auto-categorization tools, daily email alerts, budgeting and personal finance templates, and a vibrant user community.”

Who it’s best for: People who want a full-fledged automated personal finance tool based on spreadsheets, people who need total control of categories, people who need the greatest customization, people who want the option of tracking both personal and / or business expenses.

Money for Excel Snapshot

Money for Excel is a “template and add-in for Excel that allows you to securely connect your bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts to Excel and automatically import your transaction and account information into an Excel spreadsheet.”

Who it’s best for: People with the latest subscription plan from Microsoft, people with relatively simple tracking needs, people who prefer to build budgets from scratch, people who only need Excel without the option of Google Sheets.

Tiller Money vs Money in Excel
Quick Comparison

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FEATURESTiller MoneyMoney in Excel
Number of supported banks?21,0009,100
Automated account aggregation?YESYES
Securely login with 2FA and strong, bank-grade security?YESYES
Track bank, credit card, mortgage, loans, brokerage, IRA, and investment accounts?YESYES
Collaboration features?YESYES
Includes net worth template?YESYES
Includes budgeting template?YESNO
Track multiple budgets with multiple dashboards?YESNO
Support for both Google Sheets and Excel?YESNO
Complete control of categories?YESNO
Complete control of auto-categorization rules?YES NO
Email alerts with recent activity from all accounts?YESNO
Human customer support?YESNO

How Tiller Money is Different

The complete personal finance platform based on spreadsheets

Money in Excel is a single template that doesn’t even include a budgeting sheet. Tiller Money offers several budget and finance templates, plus tools like email alerts and AutoCat.

Cash Flow Man

Only Tiller Money gives you complete control of transaction categories

You can only use 20 custom categories with Money in Excel, along with 18 default categories that can’t be deleted. But Tiller Money gives you complete control, with up to 200 custom categories you can easily edit and delete.

Excel Cats

Auto-categorization based on your rules, not Microsoft’s

Your Tiller Money subscription includes Autocat for Google Sheets, a powerful tool for auto-categorizing all your transactions. Even better, Autocat is completely configurable to your rules.


Link multiple spreadsheets and track multiple goals

With Tiller Money you can use multiple spreadsheets, each with its own unique set of linked accounts, for both Google Sheets and Excel.

Banks In Excel

Open for business

Money in Excel isn’t available for business subscribers. But Tiller Money is popular for both personal and business accounts. We even offer easy Google Sheets templates for tracking estimated taxes and small business finances.

Tiller Money Small Business

Support for Google Sheets and Excel

With one Tiller Money subscription, you get Tiller Money Feeds for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Microsoft Excel.

Simple, flat pricing

Money for Excel is only available with a Microsoft 365 subscription with pricing tiers from $70 to $100. Tiller Money keeps things easy with a flat, all-inclusive $79 annual subscription.

New Worth Man Tiller Money

“Tiller Money kept their transactions and category sheets more customizable vs Money in Excel. With Tiller Money, I could filter the transactions sheet which is really useful. Tiller Money offers more flexibility.”

Ronnie K

Ronnie K.

via Tiller Money Community

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