Tiller vs Mint: Everything You Need to Know

Tiller is the more powerful, private, and customizable Mint alternative without ads. See all your finances in one place, confidently plan your financial future, and easily manage your money, your way

Only Tiller keeps your daily spending, income, and balances updated in your own private Google and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

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Like Mint, Tiller automatically tracks all your finances in one place

But instead of locking your data in a proprietary app, Tiller keeps everything organized in your own private spreadsheets. Get started with flexible templates for tracking budgets, expenses, debt, and more. Customize everything as your situation changes over time.

Top reasons people switch to Tiller

Fully customizable categories

Unlike Mint, Tiller gives you complete control of naming and editing all your categories

Powerful custom reports

Customize Tiller’s pre-built templates and reports, build your own, or try hundreds of free third-party templates

No annoying ads

Mint is funded by monetizing your data, but Tiller is solely funded by your subscription and never shows ads

Real-time collaboration

Securely share your spreadsheets with all the cloud collaboration features of Google Sheets and Excel

No export hassles

If you cancel your Tiller subscription, all your data remains in your private spreadsheets

“I love the flexibility of Tiller”

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I used Mint prior to Tiller, and I love the flexibility of Tiller far more. My favorite part is the way I can make my own categories and groups. I don’t have to keep ‘mandatory’ categories I don’t use. Also, no ads is a major plus. I highly recommend Tiller to anyone who doesn’t like how Mint puts you in a box.”

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Workflows and Tips for Upgrading from Mint to Tiller

Tiller vs Mint: Detailed Feature Comparison

Feature TillerMint
Aggregate your financial accounts to one placeY Y
Secures data with bank-grade encryption YY
US-based customer support from real peopleYN
Effortless expense trackingYY
Tools for budgetingYN
Net worth trackingYY
Credit score trackingNY
Subscription trackingYY
Account summary emailsYY
Mobile appvia Google/Microsoft AppsY
Web appYY
Complete control of creating, editing, and deleting all categories YN
Category groupsYN
Category tagsYY
Add notes to transactionsYY
Complete control of auto-categorization rulesYN
Permanently delete imported transactionsYN
Rename transactionsYY
Manually import transactionsYN
Install or build your own custom category reportsYLimited
Build custom reports for detailed planning and analysisYN
Install pre-built reports for detailed planning and analysisYN
Install prebuilt templates for tracking different money goals YN
Track multiple simultaneous budgetsYN
Track weekly and yearly budgetsYN
Use any budgeting strategyYN
Net worth trackingYN
Retirement goal planningY N
Customizable debt payoff trackingY N 
Cash flow reporting YN
Tag tax deductionsY Y 
Securely share and collaborate with othersY N
Brokerage account balance tracking?YY
Track current and historical securities informationYN
Tools for freelance/small business financesYN
Targets users with adsNY
Shows “special offers” from 3rd partiesNY
COST$79/yearFree, with ads and partner offers
Note: Data is updated every few months. If you notice something out of date, contact support@tillerhq.com

Manage your money, your way with Tiller’s flexible features

Bank-grade encryption

Your data is protected with secure 256-bit AES encryption

No annoying ads

Tiller doesn’t run ads; we never sell your financial data to advertisers

Private by design

Tiller’s team doesn’t see your data. Tiller never sells data to third parties

Finance feeds

Tiller connects 21,000+ banks to your spreadsheets


Powerful auto-categorization based on your custom rules

Foundation Template

With sheets for tracking expenses, budgets, and net worth

Daily email summary

Get a morning summary of your latest spending and balances

Free community templates

Dozens of templates to customize how you track your money

Builder friendly

Build your own custom financial dashboard powered by Tiller

Custom categories

Tiller gives you complete control of your transaction categories

For Google and Microsoft

Use Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with one Tiller subscription

Open banking

Tiller is a leader in support for secure, private open banking

Customer support

Our top-rated U.S.-based team is here to help if you need it

Helpful community

Share ideas and get inspired with Tiller’s vibrant user Community.

Helpful webinars

With Q&A help you get up to speed fast and do more with Tiller

Extensive help docs

Tiller offers an extensive, up-to-date library of help docs

Secure collaboration

Securely collaborate in real-time at no extra cost

Use multiple spreadsheets

Use up to five Google and Microsoft spreadsheets with one subscription