Tiller FAQ

Tiller automatically updates Google Sheets and Excel with your daily spending, transactions, and balances from 18,000 financial sources.

Visit the Tiller Help Center for more in depth information about Tiller.

+ How does Tiller work?

Once you register, Tiller will create a Google Sheet just for you. You can start with our spreadsheet templates, which include some reports and analysis, or you can build your own. Tiller updates every spreadsheet daily with new transactions and balances.

+ I have used another tool (like Mint or Quicken) for years. Why would I use Tiller?

Programs like Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Money first came to market in the1980s and 90s. Consumers were new to computers and spreadsheets were hard to use. Financial software companies built proprietary, less-flexible tools using tables and databases to help people track their finances. Tiller leapfrogs existing software and harnesses the power of Google Sheets.

You now have the power of a fully functional spreadsheet, always updated with your data. You’re not beholden to a set of reports or a certain way of tracking your finances. Tiller Sheets are fast and flexible, allowing you to build a financial dashboard that makes sense for you.

+ Is my data safe?

Yes. We’ve designed Tiller so that your data is for your eyes only, and the eyes of people with whom you choose to share it. Please visit our security page to read more about how we protect your information.

+ How much does Tiller cost?

Tiller is $59 per month, which is $4.92 per year. You can cancel Tiller anytime from your account page or by emailing support@tillerhq.com.

+ How current is my data?

Your data is updated daily. Unlike your end-of-month bank statement, Tiller sees your charges as they happen. Tiller updates your Google Sheet every day with your new settled transactions and balances from all of your accounts.

+ Can I edit the data in my Spreadsheet?

Yes, in fact, that’s the whole point. You can rename your sheet, modify the data, add new (or delete) columns/rows/tabs, or move elements around. Read more about Tiller’s list of supported columns.

+ Do you track changes?

Yes. Every Google Sheet has a full revision history under the File menu that shows every change you or your collaborators make.

+ Can I use multiple Tiller Sheets?

Tiller supports up to five Tiller Sheets per subscriber. You can choose which bank accounts are linked to which sheet. Want a special Tiller Sheet for your work credit card that you share with the office? No problem. Want another Tiller Sheet that’s only linked to a shared checking account you manage with a child? Easy. Create another Tiller Sheet that has all your accounts where you manage your weekly and monthly spending. Read more about this feature on our blog.

+ Is my bank or other financial institution supported?

Tiller’s website is designed for U.S. users and our current templates are designed for U.S. dollars. We support most banks big and small. We currently have active support for more than 8,000 banks and financial institutions. If by chance you don’t find your bank, please let us know so we can help you find it. It’s rare to find a bank we don’t support. Read “What Banks Work With Tiller?

+ What if I use Excel?

Tiller feeds daily financial transactions into Microsoft Excel via the Excel beta program. We do not currently offer templates for Excel beyond a basic spending tracker sheet. Read more about Tiller for Excel.

Can’t find an answer?

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