Tiller Money Feeds for Excel

Effortless financial tracking in Excel with automated transaction imports from 21,000 banks and financial sources.

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Connect your accounts and track everything in one place

  • Link your accounts to your workbooks and import transactions with a click.
  • See all your updated account balances at a glance with a single secure login.
  • Track balances and transactions to gain better insight into your financial life.

Only Tiller Money gives you complete control of your transaction categories

Add, rename, and delete any transaction category. You’re never stuck with defaults set by a software company. You can even easily add manual transactions, split transactions, and add columns with your own data or formulas.

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Use your own templates and link multiple workbooks

You can use Tiller Money Feeds in multiple spreadsheets, each with its own unique set of linked accounts so you can track all your budgets and goals with a one tool.

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Support for both Excel and Google Sheets

Use Google spreadsheets at home and Excel workbooks at work? No problem: with one Tiller Money account you can use both platforms at the same time.
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More supported banks than any other automated spreadsheet tool

Tiller Money securely connects over 21,000 financial sources in partnership with Yodlee, the leader in financial data aggregation.

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