Automated debt payoff spreadsheets

Clearly see where your money goes, always know what’s safe to spend, and plan your future with Tiller Money’s easy, automated spreadsheet budgets.

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“If you’re trying to get out of debt, Tiller Money’s debt snowball spreadsheet is one of the best ways our testing team has found to prioritize credit cards.” – “Tiller Money: Budget Spreadsheets at their Best”

Focus on your budget, not data entry

Only Tiller Money automatically updates Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel with your income, daily spending, and account balances, so you can budget with a spreadsheet 10X faster.

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Track every transaction

Track every transaction

Automated feeds import daily spending and account balances from all your banks, credit cards, brokerages, and other accounts.

Stay on top of savings goals

Track every kind of debt & loan

Track daily savings progress for any goal, like buying a house, building an emergency fund, or even paying off debt.

See where you can spend less 

See where you can spend less 

Quickly identify where you can cut back with your actual spending history organized in one place.

Say goodbye to the frustrating limits of budgeting apps

Unlike apps that force you to compromise, with Tiller Money you can customize everything and create budgets perfectly tailored to your needs:

  • Use any budgeting method, including envelope and zero sum
  • Take total control of categories – add, rename, and delete at will
  • Create your own powerful auto-categorization rules with AutoCat
  • Track multiple budgets with custom goals and financial sources
  • Modify a budget template, or build your own custom dashboard
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“In less then a month of using the trial version, I was able to pay off two debts and get our savings back in order! 

Odette Aix, Customer Story, Tiller Money Community

Team up and track your budget with your partner

Tiller Money offers all the secure, real-time collaboration features of Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, so you can easily track your budget with your spouse or bookkeeper. 

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