Chelsea Ransom Cooper

Chelsea Ransom-Cooper


Frustrated by the lack of accessible, high-quality financial advice, Zenith Wealth Partners was founded in 2019 as an independent investment management and financial planning firm. Zenith is a 100% minority-owned business on a mission to deliver accessible, objective advice that creates financial success for our clients.

Chelsea Ransom-Cooper is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who specializes in working with women founders and women in the tech industry. By creating Zenith Wealth Partners, Chelsea and her team guide clients through the many financial challenges they face as women with ambitious goals. Together, they work through:

– Stock Options and RSU strategy
– Tax planning
– Investing and portfolio management
– Debt repayment
– Cash flow analysis and more

A crucial part of managing and building wealth consists of mastering your cash flow. Tiller is an exceptional tool that helps our clients feel in control of their cash flow with ease. By utilizing Google Sheets, we can help keep our clients accountable to reach their financial goals.



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Here is a post covering the differences in financial certifications.

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