Sarah Roller

Sarah Roller


My two areas of focus are Women and New Parents navigating the daycare years. I help clients who are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to make the financial progress that they want. By taking a holistic approach, we look at the practical, behavioral, and emotional sides of managing money.

Sarah Roller is a financial coach, with a focus on helping women and new parents learn to confidently manage their money.

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Helping clients understand their cash flow is a key component of the work I do. Tiller is a great tool to help my clients get clarity on where their money is going, and allows them to see areas they want to change their spending behaviors.

I help my clients set up Tiller in a way that is customized to them, so they can successfully use it while we are working together, and ideally long after we stop working together.



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Here is a post covering the differences in financial certifications.

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Will Hinton, Google Review October 30, 2023