“Forget QuickBooks, Wave, ZOHO, and other complicated systems”

"We have the benefits of automatic download of financial records and auto-categorization to make the day-to-day easy. Tax time is (almost) a breeze!"

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My till is tiller-lated by the ease and simplicity.

With this tool, we have the benefits of automatic download of financial records and auto-categorization to make the day-to-day easy and a no-brainer. Tax time is (almost) a breeze!

In the past I have used MS Money, tried and gave up on ZOHO books, QuickBooks, and the last go-around was Wave in an attempt to manage multiple “businesses” with one set of accounts.

None of the other systems can do that – they all require separate bank accounts and none of our businesses are so complicated that we need separate books and accounting and invoicing systems.

Wave used to be able to do that, but once they got acquired by HR Block it turned into a full-on double-entry accounting system – does any human being understand how that works?

With Tillerhq we run the following “ventures”:

  • My job – regular salary/W2
  • Wife’s therapy practice – clients pay her electronically using Venmo/PayPal/Zelle etc – every transaction is down-loaded into Tillerhq from the bank
  • Rental property – Tenants pay their rent electronically and again down-loaded into Tillerhq automatically

Expenses for her office and the property is paid with our credit cards and like the banks, transactions are automatically imported to Tillerhq

Categorization – Once & Done! For both income and expenses I use the automatic categorization tool, so when I’ve done that once, it happens automatically forever more, it both tags the transaction and puts it in the right bucket.

Any shared expenses between the ventures (e.g. phones, internet etc) is easily split in Tillerhq between business and personal use.

At year end I simply copy all the transactions – 2000+ into an new sheet, run a quick filter and generate three categorized spreadsheets for our CPA for tax prep.

We run everything to the same bank and credit card accounts, so I don’t have to set up different accounts for each. NONE OF THE “FANCY” BOOKKEEPING APPS CAN DO THIS!

Customer service has generally been great – overnight answers for most things and you cannot beat the price.

The annual subscription fee is joyfully paid!

Thanks Team TillerHQ!



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  1. Avatar for peter peter says:

    @mbdk thanks taking the time to write. Your case is a common one: using the same accounts for everything, but wanting (and needing) to keep tabs on business and ventures separately for tracking and tax purposes. I am so glad you’re thriving with Tiller Money! Thanks for sharing your tale of Tiller Money. till next time, Peter

  2. Welcome to the community, @mbdk :wave:

    Thanks so much for sharing your success story and glad you’re finding Tiller Money more useful than the fancy budgeting apps you’ve tried in the past :wink:

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