Free Add-ons for Google Sheets to Manage Your Personal Finances


Tiller Money is committed to making financial spreadsheets faster, easier, and more satisfying to use.

Our developers built the only service that automatically imports financial transactions into Google Sheets, along with powerful templates to get you started. 

Tiller’s developers also maintain a growing series of free Google Sheets Add-ons for personal finance. Google encourages developers to build add-ons to extend the functionality of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Forms. Add-ons from Tiller Money focus on improving financial management in Sheets.

AutoCat – Add-on For Google Sheets

The scripts added by the Add-on allow you to run the ruleset created on the AutoCat sheet against your Transactions sheet and have transactions that match the rules categorized for you. Menu options will allow you to run AutoCat automatically each time new transactions are added to your Google Sheet by Tiller.

Get your bank data in a Google Sheet that’s updated each day. A handy add-on to split transactions for easy financial tracking.

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Transaction Splitter Add-on For Google Sheets


Have you ever made a large purchase from a big box or online retailer that you want to categorize into two or more buckets? This add-on makes that easy.

The Transaction Splitter add-on is a companion to Tiller. It allows you to effortlessly split one transaction into two or more, adjust the amounts, and assign categories for each part of the split. Have you ever made a large purchase from a big box or online retailer that you want to categorize into two or more buckets?

To split a transaction, simply select any cell in the row you want to split. Then find the “Split Transaction” feature from the Tiller Menu in your Google Sheets “Add-ons” menu. Next, modify the description, category, and amount for the first portion of the transaction, and then add other splits as necessary to define your spending.

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Size My Sheet Add-on For Google Sheets

How close is your spreadsheet is to the 2m cell Google Sheet limit? Use this add-on to show how much you’ve used.

Have a lot of data in your Google Sheet? Use a lot of Pivot Tables and QUERY functions to slice and dice it? You’ve probably hit the 2M cell limit in Google Sheets. Use this simple sidebar utility to see just how close you are to hitting that 2 million cell limit in real time. 

The Size My Sheet add-on also allows you to insert a function within your sheet to retrieve the number of cells used or the percent used of the cell maximum that Google has set. It’s useful if you’d like to see these numbers in cells on the sheet rather than using the gauge in the sidebar.

To use this feature simply type one of the functions below into an empty cell of a Google Sheet with the Size My Sheet add-on installed.

Retrieve the number of cells used:

Retrieve the percentage used:

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