25+ Best Free Excel Budget Templates (Updated for 2022)

Top recommended free Excel budget templates for personal, household, monthly, yearly planning. Bonus Microsoft spreadsheets for weddings and special occasions.

25 best excel busget spreadsheets

With thousands of free Excel budget templates available across the internet, it can be difficult to find the perfect spreadsheet for your needs.

  • You have to evaluate the quality of the template. (Does it work?)
  • Do you need a weekly budget, monthly budget, or a family budget? And what’s the difference?
  • Is it compatible with your preferred version of Excel? (Google Sheets has far fewer templates than Excel, but since it’s always been cloud-based, compatibility isn’t such an issue.)

Readers often ask Tiller for recommendations for Excel spreadsheet templates. So we rounded up the best free personal and family Excel budget spreadsheets around the web.

Leave a comment if you’d like us to consider including a template you designed or enjoy using!

Spreadsheets bring all other financial tools together.

In the roundup below, you might be surprised to see sites sometimes considered competitors to Tiller (like Mint.)

However, while we believe spreadsheets remain the ultimate control center for total financial engagement, we also appreciate the utility of other apps and services to help out along the financial journey.

For example, you might use Mint to check your credit score. But you also use an Excel spreadsheet to manage your household spending with your spouse, track your total net worth, or run detailed reports about your cash flow.

We want to call out the free Automated Budget Spreadsheet in Excel from Young Adult Money. It was designed to work with Tiller, but even without a Tiller subscription, this budget is elegant and fun to use.

Free Weekly Excel Budget Templates

  • Weekly Budget Planner from Vertex42 – Contrary to the name, you can use this template to create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly budget. With only one page, the template is simple while still managing to display all the information you need to remain informed about your money.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly Budget from Spreadsheet123 – This template allows you to budget either weekly or bi-weekly, making it easy for you to budget according to your pay schedule. With minimal cell reference and an intuitive design, it’s difficult to accidentally break, which is especially helpful if you’re new to spreadsheets.
  • Weekly Budget Template by Smartsheet – As the name suggests, this budget tracks income and expenses by week; however, you can keep adding week columns in order to create a monthly or yearly budget.

Free Monthly Budget Template

  • Monthly Budgeting Sheet by My Stay at Home Adventures – This template for monthly budgeters is very simple, yet visually appealing. With one quick glance, you can see if your actual spending lines up with the amount you budgeted. It’s a great option for beginners who may be intimidated by spreadsheet budgeting.
  • Monthly Budget Spreadsheet by Money Under 30 – This monthly budget has a page for each month which breaks down your daily spending by category. It also has a summary page with a snapshot of your debt and savings.
  • Budget by Words of Williams – This budget for beginners comes with a video tutorial to help you get started. The template is color coordinated to indicate which categories are paid for with cash–if you’re using the envelope method–or with budgeted savings–if you’re saving up for an expense over time.

Yearly Excel Budget Template

  • Yearly Budget Calculator by Vertex42 – If you’re looking for a comprehensive yearly budget, this is the one for you. It breaks down your income by source and your expenses by category and tracks budgeted vs. actual amounts. It also features a robust section for savings goals.
  • Personal Budget Planner Template by Budget Templates – This yearly budget template is as simple as it gets, but it contains all the information you need for a yearly financial check-up. Spreadsheet nerd bonus: it has sparklines to show you yearly spending trends by category.

Multi-period Budget Excel Budget Template

  • Money Management Template from Vertex42 – This template has everything. You can create a user-friendly budget by category and subcategory and utilize summaries of both your monthly and your yearly budget progress.
  • Family Budget Planner by Spreadsheet123 – Whether you’re single or have a bunch of littles running around, this template is comprehensive. You’ll log your income and expenses on a monthly basis. As you go through the year, the template autogenerates big-picture views of your personal finances by quarter and for the entire year, complete with charts and graphs. 
  • Personal Budget Template by Smartsheet – This simple budget shows income and expenses by month and for the entire year.

Free Family Excel Budget Template

  • Family Budget Planner from Vertex42 – This template gives you a broad view of your finances over an entire year. As the name suggests, it utilizes categories that will resonate with families, such as child and education expenses. It also has a section for tracking long-term savings goals, such as college savings and retirement.
  • Household Budget Worksheet by Budget Templates – This simple family budget has a comprehensive list of prefilled income and expense categories. It also has a section for unbudgeted expenses, such as automotive emergencies or appliance repairs.
  • CFO Worksheet from Black Family Finances – Run a family and a business? This cash-flow optimizer is a great spreadsheet to keep track of your big-picture finances. You’ll log your income and expenses as normal, and the template will use those numbers to calculate things like your DTI ratio, housing expense ratio, and credit repayment ratio, presenting the important metrics to you on the very first page. 
  • Home Budget Worksheet by Vertex42 – This versatile budget template is the only one on the list that breaks down expenses into deductible and non-deductible. If you’re a freelancer or a have a side hustle, this is a great budget to track both your income and expenses from regular employment and self-employment.
  • Household Shopping List – An editable and printable household shopping list from SavvySpreadsheets.com

Student Excel Budget Template

  • Student Budget Template by Mint – This template was designed for college students to track both their monthly income and expenses and their semester income and expenses to ensure they have funds to cover both personal and educational expenses.
  • Money Tracker from Vertex42 – The money tracker template was designed specifically to be used on your phone with the Microsoft Excel mobile app. The creator intended it for older children learning to manage their money, so it tracks cash, bank accounts, credit cards, and savings accounts in an easy-to-use interface.

Special Occasion Excel Budget Template

  • Travel Budget Worksheet by Vertex42 – Travel can derail a budget, so it’s important to track all your anticipated expenses. With this travel budget, you can plan for everything from your flight to entertainment at your destination and see a handy breakdown of your expenses by category.
  • Wedding Budget by Vertex42 – Weddings can be incredibly expensive. Newlyweds don’t want to enter a marriage in massive debt from their wedding, so creating a budget is essential. This template features a wedding budget estimator to help you plan your total available budget as well as your budget by category. Then you can track your budgeted vs. actual expenses to make sure you stay on track.
  • Check out our favorite wedding budget templates. Some of them are for Excel, while others are Google Sheets.

Other Free Excel Budgets

  • Zero-Based Budgeting Template by Enemy of Debt – This is a complex template based on Dave Ramsey’s budgeting and Baby Steps system. The creator also designed it to work well with the envelope system.
  • Cash-Flow Budget from It’s Your Money – This is another budget inspired by Dave Ramsey, but with a simple, easy-to-use layout.
  • Money Manager Template by Smartsheet – If you enjoy balancing your checkbook or closely monitoring your cashflow, you will love this template which is a combination budget and ledger.
  • Retirement Budget Template by Smartsheet – This template helps you plan the income you’ll need during retirement based on your anticipated expenses. It works best in conjunction with your current monthly or yearly budget since you’ll want to use your actual expenses to plan your future expenses.

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