Free Spreadsheets to Analyze Your Past Money Trends

Here's a curated selection of helpful spreadsheet templates from the Tiller Community to help you analyze your past spending trends.

Here’s a curated selection of helpful spreadsheet templates from the Tiller Community to help you analyze your past spending trends.

This knowledge is essential for creating an effective budget. But even if you don’t want to make a budget, reviewing your past trends is essential for optimizing how you use your money.

Once you’ve reviewed your past finances, here are free templates to help you plan your budget.

Start with your Foundation Template

The spreadsheets below were created to extend Tiller’s Foundation Template, which already includes sheets for tracking expenses, net worth, and monthly and yearly budgets.

Out of the box, the Foundation Template can help you analyze past trends and plan your financial future.

But, of course, part of the fun of managing your money with a spreadsheet is manipulating your data and viewing it from several perspectives.

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Categorize your transactions

Your transaction categories are one of the most important parts of any system you use to track your money. 

They’re how you discover a subscription charge you didn’t expect. Or see that you’re overspending on groceries, but not saving enough for vacation. Or how you find an extra $100 you might put toward your credit card bill. 

Unless most of your transactions are categorized, none of the templates below will be helpful. If you have a lot of uncategorized transactions, AutoCat can quickly help you get organized.

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Compare past spending by category



See your actual past spending totals vs budgeted amounts


See what you spent on subscriptions and recurring expenses


Review changes to your net worth

Review changes to your net worth over the past months and years.


See your past balance trends

How to Install Tiller Community Templates

For Google Sheets – Google Sheets templates can easily be installed in your Foundation Template or other Google spreadsheets with the free Tiller Community Solutions add-on. Read more about the add-on here.

For Microsoft Excel – The Tiller Community is rapidly building new templates for Excel. However, there are currently fewer Tiller-compatible templates for Excel vs Google Sheets. Excel templates are downloaded and then manually installed in your workbook. Our team is improving this workflow in the year ahead.

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