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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day (if He’s a Spreadsheet Nerd)

Spreadsheet Hats

When I think of my father, I picture him in his favorite easychair in the corner of the den, puffing on his pipe, clad in flannel, absorbed in a spreadsheet.

Ok, none of that is true. But many of us do have parents who are spreadsheet nerds. This is a compliment, of course. After all, many of us inherited our spreadsheet nerdom from our parents.

(Will science someday discover a spreadsheet gene?)

Just in Amazon-prime time for Father’s Day, here are five gifts to get for dad if he’s a spreadsheet nerd.

(We would have made this same list for Mother’s Day, but didn’t think of it then.)

If nothing else, maybe you can get something nice for yourself.

Spreadsheet Hat from Pretend Store

“Hello friends of the SUMIF and pivot table realm of being. You are loved and celebrated. Without you we are aimless puddles of goo. You give us order and direction. We cherish you.”

$24, Pretend Store

I Heart Spreadsheets Mug

To be fair, I prefer this simpler “I Heart Spreadsheets” mug, but it doesn’t have Amazon Prime. This mug linked below will ship in one day and it’s still pretty nifty.

$14.99, Amazon

I Heart Spreadsheets Shirt

Available in a range of colors, this shirt will empower your dad to embarrass your mom while flaunting his skills.

$15.99, Amazon

Ben Collins Google Sheet Courses

Google Sheets expert Ben Collins has a number of fantastic Google Sheets courses. If your dad wants to achieve Yoda-like spreadsheet skills, sign him up here. Best yet, many of these courses are free.

Tiller Money Subscription

A Cool Dad, breakfast, and his Tiller Budget spreadsheet

If your dad is a spreadsheet nerd, money nerd, or both – he’ll love Tiller. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but most dads appreciate efficiency. And Tiller is the most efficient way to manage and optimize finances in a spreadsheet.


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