Here are the Winning Workflows for Using Tiller Money on Mobile

We’re pleased to announce TWO winners of our challenge to share workflows for Google Sheets + Tiller Money on mobile. Plus, an extension for April’s challenge.

Winning Workflow April 2

In March, our #WinningWorkflow challenge was focused on using Google Sheets and Tiller Money on mobile devices. 

We are pleased to announce the winners of that challenge. Note that I wrote “winners,” because we actually chose two prizewinning entries. The prizes were for a $200 Amazon gift card and a free year of Tiller Money. 

The winners are Richard Peng and David Royall. Let’s take a look at their #WinningWorkflows below.  

Mobile App for Tiller Budget Template by Richard Peng

Richard won with his Mobile App for Tiller Budget Template. When asked about the goal of his workflow, he wrote:  

“I want to make it easy to make informed spending decisions when I’m out and about. I also want to perform frequent tasks like categorizing transactions and tracking my cash spending without having to be at my computer or use the clunky Google Sheets app.” 

Here is an amazing video walking through the app.

Read an interview with Richard and see his entry in the Tiller Money Community.

Mobile-Optimized Budget Tracking Spreadsheet by David Royall

David won with his Mobile-Optimized Budget Tracking Spreadsheet.

When asked about the goal of his workflow, he wrote: 

“My goal was to take the Tiller Foundation Template and optimize to manage completely on a phone, as well as add in a search function. With this Mobile-Optimized Budget Tracker, you can easily:

  • Find and categorize any new or uncategorized transactions
  • View insights into your net worth, monthly budget, spending, and income
  • See your full monthly budget
  • Search for specific transactions, filtering by category, vendor, date, and/or amount

You still get access to the full desktop-optimized tabs of the Foundation Template, but the controls have all been moved to the new mobile-optimized tabs.”

Read an interview with David and see his entry in the Tiller Money Community.

Update: April / May #WinningWorkflow Challenge

With the shutdown underway, we’ve decided to extend April’s #WinningWorkflow challenge through May. 

This challenge is a bit simpler than previous months. We’re looking for examples of how you use your Tiller Money spreadsheets to save money. 

Examples might include a Tiller Money workflow for tracking subscriptions and fees, or how you use Tiller Money to keep your spending under your projected budget. 

You can choose how you share your workflow: 

  • Share a link to custom report or spreadsheet template
  • Post a video walkthrough of your sheet
  • Or publish a written overview and screenshots of your workflow 

To enter your solution, submit it as new topic in the Share Your Solution category of the Tiller Money Community. Then tag it with #winning-workflow

If you have any questions about submitting your entry, drop me a message in the Tiller Money Community.

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