Here’s What’s Ahead for Tiller in 2022

Tiller just wrapped our best year ever. In 2022, those tailwinds will propel us forward in our mission to help more people feel greater confidence about their financial lives.

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I couldn’t be more excited to be diving into the new year here at Tiller.

We just finished our best year ever in 2021. In 2022, those positive tailwinds will propel us forward in our mission to help more people feel greater confidence about their financial lives.

Here’s a preview of what’s ahead for Tiller in 2022:

Tim is returning to Tiller from a stint at Amazon.

An all-star engineer, Tim was originally part of Tiller’s founding team. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have his engineering leadership back with us as we accomplish our plans ahead.

Tiller is growing and recruiting more engineers.

If you know of front or back-end engineers who want to work with an awesome team in a fully distributed, mission-driven company, please send them to our career page.

Renewed focus on Excel.

Tiller was originally solely based on Google Sheets. But we’ve always wanted to meet people on their platform of choice. While we’ve maintained a toehold in Microsoft Excel, in 2022 we will double down there.

Whichever platform you choose, we want you to feel welcome at Tiller, with a personal finance solution you’ll uniquely never outgrow.

Of course, we also have exciting plans for Google Sheets, as we continue to make Tiller easier and more powerful, with the best feeds in the industry.

The Tiller Community is also a big source of investment ahead.

We will soon share the winning workflows from our recent Builders’ Challenge. It’s been very exciting to see these develop! They’re a small window into the amazing things people do with Tiller each day. Watch for webinars and blog posts about these new solutions later this winter.

Recording of our recent “Get Your Money Ready for the New Year” webinar

About New Years Resolutions

The new year is a time when it’s natural to take stock. We’re not starting with a clean slate in 2022. The pandemic is just one of many pieces of baggage we carry with us into the new year. But we never truly start with a clean slate.

The new year doesn’t automatically start with a clean fridge, an empty to-do list, a Marie Kondo closet, an inbox at zero, and a clear horizon.

Still, the new year is a brilliant opportunity to think about where we want to spend our energy, our time (all 8,750 hours of 2022), and our money.

New year’s planning can often feel like being a kid at the breakfast buffet. We load our resolutions with more things than we could ever possibly complete. Don’t worry – that’s ok. Cut yourself some slack.

Whether you end up with 1 resolution or 100 (please, don’t have 100), the process of sitting down and thinking about your best intentions for the year ahead can only help make 2022 a better year for you.

Looking back at my resolutions from ten years ago, I have a few that I completely dropped. Like becoming a better surfer. Ha! I haven’t surfed in years.

But included in those goals was starting Tiller and taking more outdoor adventures with the family. And I am glad for those! They have profoundly shaped this last decade for the better.

Where do you want to be in a year? If you’re feeling ambitious, where do you want to be in five or ten years? Write it down. Post it in your closet (that closet that Marie Kondo will someday organize).

If any of your goals relate to money, I have some advice as well. Maybe you have a spending goal. Or a savings goal. Or a debt goal.

Here’s my magic answer for almost all of them: start with tracking.

Tracking is the one habit that will focus your attention (and it works for fitness, food, and a host of other topics too). If you want to change your money, track it. Specifically, track your spending each day (most people don’t need much help tracking income).

That simple practice will help you tune into your money and empower you to make progress toward whatever goals you may have.

I’d love to hear what has you fired up for the near year. Send me a note to I look forward to reading it!

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